Celebrating the life of hip-hop legend Nipsey Hussle

Isaiah Spencer | Staff Writer


Flickr User Joey Zanotti

Rapper Ermias Asghedom, also known as Nipsey Hussle, was gunned down March 31 in front of his business in south central Los Angeles, California. According to NBC, the suspect, Eric Holder, Jr., pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempted murder and one charge of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Nipsey Hussle’s funeral was April 11 at Staples Center in L.A., with an attendance of 21,000 guests, Vulture reported.

Many people paid tribute to Hussle at the funeral, including multiple celebrities as well as persons who were inspired by his philanthropy and his message. Mourners included YG, Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder and Hussle’s longtime girlfriend Lauren London.

“This really hits home for all of us Cali people. It was deeper than rap when it comes to him.”

-Garreth Norwood

The impact that Nipsey Hussle had on the world was bigger than just his contributions to hip-hop. His memorial was a celebration of his life and highlighted the effect he had on the lives of both acquaintances and complete strangers.

“He was really a walking inspiration,” said Syvannah Hicks, a Hampton University junior from New York. “He was an icon, a black icon in this world that we needed to open our eyes to what’s really going on in this world.”

It was an emotional day for America and especially for the city of Los Angeles. Even former President Barack Obama wrote a statement regarding Hussle’s death.

Hussle’s memorial was filled with emotional moments while his family paid their tributes. London and Hussle’s mother Angelique Smith shared details of their last conversations with Hussle and expressed their love for him and his time on Earth.

“This really hits home for all of us Cali people,” said Garreth Norwood, an HU senior sports management major from Los Angeles.


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