Beyoncé busy with business deals

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer


Netflix Instagram Account

Queen Bey has done it again. From touring all last summer with her husband to making appearances here and there, it is easy to say Beyoncé took a slight break. However, Bey is back and better than ever, as she has taken her talents to major sport brand Adidas. This will be a mixed collab of her athletic/sportswear brand released in 2016, Ivy Park, and the Adidas apparel collection.

Adidas has collaborated with other music artists such as Pharrell and Kanye West. The brand does a great job of giving their clients freedom when it comes to personal aesthetics mixed with the Adidas touch. Pharrell is often seen wearing the original “Stan Smith” Adidas and has his own shoe with Adidas called NMD Human Race sneaker. West has created one of Adidas’ most popular sneakers, Yeezys. The shoes originally retailed for around $200. Due to the supply of the Yeezys being so limited, most buy the shoes at resale prices for several hundreds of dollars. Bey could limit her release next.

Many are anticipating the release of Beyoncé’s new fashion line and sneakers. There is no official release date for the hyped collab, but fans are definitely excited.

“I like the collab idea. I would like to see the finished product before buying her new line,” said Madani Dembele, a sophomore strategic communications major from Laurel, Md. While fans wait, Beyoncé has yet another trick up her sleeve.

Netflix released a teaser of Homecoming, a new documentary featuring Beyoncé. This film takes a deeper look into her famous 2018 Coachella performance. Beyoncé’s theme for the music festival was a tribute to HBCUs. She had a live band and backup dancers with whom she performed the entire performance. HBCUs are known for their world-renowned bands and band dancers. Beyoncé used her platform in a unique way to bring life to black culture. This performance was just more than a comeback performance for the singer; it was a way to shed light on HBCUs around the nation.

“I am very excited to see the documentary because we don’t really see that personal side of Beyoncé. This will provide us with an opportunity to see her in a different light unlike ever before,” said BeyHive fan Jasmine Macklin, a junior from Chicago.

BeyHive member or not, many are raging over Beyoncé’s new business deals. Several are predicting that the Adidas collab will be a great way to increase sales and will revive the brand. In a Hampton Script Instagram poll, 79 out of 80 respondents voted that Beyoncé would definitely add some value to the sportswear brand. However, people are also curious what the clothing will look like due to two logos having to be present on the products. Beyoncé and Adidas will have to work hard to ensure that one brand doesn’t overpower the other.

Be on the lookout for Bey’s Netflix special and clothing line coming out this year.


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