Royalty Uplifted: The 2019 Spring Fest Fashion Show

Quinton Burnett | Staff Writer


Courtesy of Max Barnes

Guests, seated. Models, dressed. Miss Hampton, resplendent. Miss Hampton’s SpringFest

fashion show, Royalty Uplifted, was a showcase of Hampton Roads sartorial talent.

A roster featuring brands Kinetic Styles (@kineticstyles), Divine Echelon (@divineechelon), Slump

(@slump757), Koncrete Kulture (@koncretekulture), and Kenneth Love (@kennethllove) stormed the stage in an electrifying show representing the season’s hottest trends. Athleisure, all

over print, neon and contemporary vintage delighting the eyes of the audience in five precisely executed scenes courtesy of Hampton’s finest (pun intended), New Era Modeling Troupe.

Starting off the show with a bang, Kinetic Stylez channeled Carrie Bradshaw’s famous, “I like my money where I can see it-hanging in my closet,” with an eye-catching capsule of jumpsuits, shorts, dresses and even a sock boot with the familiar visage of a green smirking Benjamin Franklin. The summer of Act Up is clearly in full effect as now you can not only chase the bag, but make it your full outfit.

Special attention to the last issue of The Script (Forecasted Summer 2019 fashion) must have been paid as the looks of the show’s second scene featured denim accented with neon fringing accessorized with bags and sunglasses of all shapes and size. Athleisure reigned as models strutted the runway draped in Champion brand sets in all colors of the rainbow.

The message was clear, if the Spring/Summer sun is bright, your outfit needs to be brighter.

Reprieve in the form of dance was delivered by Majestic Dance Troupe, gracing the stage with an energetic performance backed by a bevy of Top 40 hits.

Like a light from the heavens, the Divine Echelon (@divineechelon) collection was sent down the runway featuring many of the aforementioned trends (colors are here to stay), the collection was buoyed by a bulletproof vest done up in an impossible to miss highlighter yellow, as well as varsity print hoodies.

The collection kept with the athleisure theme permeating the Spring/Summer aesthetic, bringing out everyone’s inner off-day athlete.

The fourth scene, entitled Hood Rich, featured brands Slump (@slump757) and Comma Crazy in

a celebration of the grittier side of streetwear culture. The creator of Slump, Eric Crowder, was unavailable for comment, but a brand representative was more than happy to share the brand ethos, “Work hard, party hard.” That ethos permeated every piece in the collection. Hoodies and tees adorned with bloodshot, heavy-lidded eyes kept this author on the edge of his seat, looking for someone to contact about a purchase.

For the grand finale, brother and sister duo Kenneth and Keana Love (@kennethllove and @koncretekulture, respectively) closed the show with a dual showing of their lines. Kenneth

primarily handling the menswear, and Keana the womenswear. This was the best scene of the night. Standout amongst the pieces showcased were a trio of trench coats with statements like “Ghetto Until Proven Fashionable,” “Start Your Own Ish” and

“Hustle + Motivate” written on the back, reminiscent of works by Junya x Comme Des Garcons. Reconstructed denim jackets and feminine looks evoked Lagerfeld’s golden age at Chanel.

A brief aside with the designers after the show shed light on the process behind the inspired collection. With a love for architecture, Kenneth provided his collection with structure and

precision akin to another architect-designer, Virgil Abloh. Keana chose to channel her inspiration through her strong belief in female empowerment and a love for bringing the contemporary to vintage. Suffice to say, the future is bright for the two young designers.

After the lights fade and the models have walked their final walk, it is another Hampton University fashion show in the books. Students can only wait with baited breath to see what next year will bring.


Courtesy of Max Barnes


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