How to make summers work for you

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer

With final exams less than a month away, the summer break is right around the corner. Unfortunately, we can’t just go home, sit on the couch and let the good times come. Our mothers and fathers no longer force us to go out and sign up for summer camps. Now we have to take our own steps, which means it is time for you to pull out the resume and start handing it out to potential employers.

Now that we are in college, students need to realize that the summer is a great time to be able to go home, relax, hang out with friends that you do not usually get to see and travel. Being able to have that break from school really allows you to recharge your batteries and get up on your rest for the fall semester. However, summer is also a great time for you to build your resume and connect with future employers. This is the time to build your professional persona.

With internships, you will be able to build your own network of people who can vouch for you for new opportunities. Internships also allow you to gain real world experience in the field or industry you wish to enter. Even if you do not have a major, internships can allow you to narrow down what your interests are. They provide experience, connections and knowledge.

Sometimes it seems impossible for a freshman to find an internship, but the opportunities are still out there. You just have to look for them. Don’t let yourself be limited. After my freshman year, I was able to get an internship with the D.C. Public Charter School Board and was a part of its communications and social media team. I traveled all over Washington, D.C., visiting the various public charter schools’ graduation ceremonies, taking pictures of the graduating seniors for the board’s website and managing the different social media outlets. On top of that, I had to present in front of the different departments on the company’s social media presence and ways to disperse information more effectively. I also wrote blog posts and updated the DCPCSB’s website. This internship was perfect for a journalism major. Being able to work with such an amazing company and meet amazing people along the way was truly a blessing.

The experience I had is the point of all internships. Having a real job and real responsibilities in whatever field you aspire to be in is unmatched. Showing your skills and your potential to future employers is essential. Who knows? They may want to see you again once you graduate college if you did a good job. If you are a hard worker in college, when you graduate, they’ll know that you have what it takes to do well, and many roads will open for you.


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