Getting out of ‘that place’: Avoiding stagnation

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer

The world is a garden, and people are the seeds planted throughout the land. Though sometimes placed in the most inclement conditions, we all eventually bloom with grace and strength. Being able to thrive in both the healthiest and stormiest conditions reminds us that we are the resources we have been looking for all along. But while diligence, perseverance and love can always come from external sources, their availability is not always guaranteed. Look for these things from within while experiencing unfamiliar places, and you’ll be able to thrive wherever your calling takes you.

Whether or not people are satisfied with where they have been planted depends on what they are expecting to receive from that place. Sometimes these places are desolate lands that lack the simple necessities for survival, while other times resources are plentiful and abundant.  Sometimes these places feature loving communities of support systems, while others require self-sufficiency. Have an open heart of positive expectations no matter what your setting looks like. There is so much waiting for you there, but you must be willing to accept what it will take to reach these blessings and the forms they come in.

Always be willing to move forward after your purpose for being in that place has been accomplished. Becoming too comfortable is a sign that you’ve reached your maximum growth in this environment. Do not be sad or anxious because you’re uncertain of what to anticipate in respect to your next destination. Once there, a new process of learning will begin; some practices will be unlearned, and mindsets will be transformed, but that is supposed to happen. Evolution of the self should occur at every stage or place in life. Embrace it instead of being afraid of it.  Do not be reluctant to leave due to fear of what is ahead for you at the next stop.  This could result in missing your blessing, or your blessing being given to someone else.

Finally, do not compare your place in life to someone else’s, as doing so could evoke feelings of covetousness and self-loathing. We might begin to question if we should be further in life than we already are, or try to speed up the pace. This is not preferable. In fact, using other people as standards to measure ourselves against is not preferable either, especially when each of us has unique standards of our own. Instead of trying to make comparisons, analyze the expectations that you have for yourself and see if you are meeting them. What matters most is if you are satisfying your goals, flowing in purpose, and fulfilling opportunities of growth that were made specifically for you. Know that you are on the route you are meant to take.


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