The revival of Springfest

Brandi Howliet | Staff Writer

This year’s Springfest is around the corner, and speculation has already begun rising about the events for this year’s festivities. Last year, this week fell short compared to the previous

year’s celebration. But while the turnout for last year’s events weren’t big, the Hampton tradition remained intact. Hopefully this year’s Springfest will revitalize this tradition.

“Last year’s Springfest wasn’t very exciting, I feel as if students should’ve had more input into the events,” said Jaylah James, a second-year psychology major from Chicago. “Many of the events also had low attendance.”

The Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership program is in charge of planning this year’s Springfest week. They want to implement more creative and fun events that will bring

students out. The program already has a lot of events planned for this year’s fest. The theme for this year is “Hamptons Very Own.”

“The success of the events is determined by the [number] of people [who] come, but the only way for people to show up is if the events are actually enjoyable,” said Alexis Donovan, a second-year nursing major from Brooklyn, New York. “Therefore, SLP is really trying to push for better events that students will like [in] hopes for a better turnout than last year. SLP can implement new ideas into this year’s Springfest week. Many students are pushing for a concert, with a musical guest of their choosing.”

Michala Lomax, a second-year marketing major from St. Louis, Missouri, said, “The biggest downfall for last year’s week was not having a concert and the events weren’t worth going out to.”

But not everything about last year’s Springfest was a bust. Students enjoyed some of the events.

“As a freshman, I didn’t really know what to expect for Springfest last year,” said Austin Sams, a second-year political science major from Jacksonville. “I attended most of the Springfest events, and I feel like I gained a new perspective on Hampton tradition and

culture. I enjoyed last year’s Springfest because it gave everyone the first major event that everyone was able have a good time with after homecoming and it was the last major event before finals week. It definitely is fun to experience the good HU vibes before the end of the semester. I’m excited for this year’s spring fest festivities,”

This year’s Springfest will be held during the first week of April. With proper attendance from HU students and good vibes, the revival of this year’s Springfest is already in motion.


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