Forecasted summer 2019 fashion trends

Brandi Hutchinson | Staff Writer

Marigold Yellow.png

Get ready to let go of your cozy, warm and neutral looks because the sun is back. It’s time to time to start wear- ing less and going out more, so here are some predicted trends for the summer of 2019.



Animal print has been a staple in the fashion industry and probably won’t leave any time soon. Recently, the snake has slithered its way back into the fashion scene. There’s snake- skin everywhere from the runways to your social media feeds. This natural evolution of snakeskin is mostly seen on skirts, faux leather pants, boots and purses.

Recently, the snake has slithered its way back into the fashion scene.

Tie Dye


The tie dye look has de ned this year as the year of color! What you would usually see only on hippies has become a sophisticated trend. Tie dye’s modern update has inspired people to create kaleidoscope looks.



Sunglasses have come a long way over the years thanks to a variety of shapes and sizes. From classic round and oval styles to triangular and rectan- gular lenses, this year’s sunglass looks are sharper than ever. Angular frames with straight edges and de ned corners are the choicest accessories making a cool appearance.

Bucket Hats

Want to hide from the sun in the most stylish way possible? Bucket
hats are back for more! Fashionistas are roaming the streets in transparent, patent, see-through, corduroy, nylon and animal print hats. Buckets hats now sport a wide variety of patterns. Make sure you add this 90’s street style accessory to your wardrobe.


This season’s color wheel ranges from the vivid pinks to the brightest greens. The highlighter hues are being sported by in uencers from head to toe. Neon green nails have become so popular, they just might give the white toe nail look a run for its money. Marigold has always been a summertime favorite. It effortlessly compliments anyone’s skin. You definitely won’t need the sun if you’re wearing marigold for a good glow.


Cycling shorts are necessities for this season. This trend has transcended and become one of the most authentic staples in the fashion industry. A comfy and cute look is always a go-to look. If you were a fan of the edgy, khaki safari look, then this trend is de nitely for you. Designers have re ned the util- itarian look to be more multi-purpose by making iconic silhouettes, broiler suits, functional combat trousers that aren’t too bulky and timeless culottes. Models and fashion in uencers have used their taste and curated effortless forward-thinking statements with this trend.


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