Choosing housing

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer

The 2019 Spring Semester is almost over! The hard work, the studying and the long nights are coming to a close, giving way to an enjoyable summer! For some of us, this is the end of a very long journey, with four or more years of hard work and dedication finally paying off as graduation nears.

Yet, for many of us, the journey continues.

So before we ride off back to our respective homes, or to wherever the summertime vibe takes us, it is imperative to ensure that we handle the remainder of our housing preparations for Fall 2019.

Housing selection begins Tuesday, March 26, and ends Monday, April 22. Within that period, housing selection is broken into categories, and selection is based on which category you would

fall into.

How do you choose the right dorm room? What do you prioritize? What are you looking for? When some of our fellow Hamptonians were asked these questions, they stumped them at first, but their replies seem to resonate with many of us, as far as preferences go.

“The biggest priority for me when selecting dorms is room size, as well as dorm sanitation as a whole,” said Vashti Lindsey, a junior interdisciplinary studies major. “Another big priority for me is setting boundaries and ensuring that you and your roommate set appropriate living arrangements. Also, making sure you have good relationships with your dorm director and RAs is important, too.”

Janise Cook, a junior education major, also shared her on-campus living experience: “Well, I’ve been staying in Winona since 2017, and I prefer it mainly because of its convenience[s]. For the most part, the rooms are a nice size. However, I do wish there was an all-singles dorm for females.”

The best thing when choosing rooms and dorms for the next semester is to explore one’s options. Find out from others who have already lived in the dorms you have listed as your preferred living spaces. Figure out the routes and how quickly you can get from your dorm to your potential classes for the next semester. Find a responsible friend you know you would be able to live comfortably with, and request that person as your roommate. No one wants to be stuck in a dorm that they do not care for and living with someone they don’t know or don’t get along with.

Dormitory living isn’t exactly like living at home, but why not make it as enjoyable as possible?


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