Spring break or bust

Gabrielle Tazewell | Lifestyle Editor


Unsplash User Manan Chhabra

Although we are currently still enduring winter, the time has come to start thinking about our plans for Spring Break 2019. But rather than just discussing some of our fellow Hamptonians’ plans, let’s share some tips to planning your break. These tips include how to efficiently pack without overpacking, finding the cheapest plane tickets and finding fun attractions.

When it comes to packing, we all have issues in regards to selecting and storing our belongings. The first tip for packing is to separate and differentiate. Separating and differentiating will help you organize exactly what you will wear and end up using on your trip.

Step two is to limit your options. By limiting your options, you will essentially condense all of your belongings.

Step three is to pack efficiently. Clothes are generally the reason why many of us overpack.  You will have more room to pack additional items by flattening and stretching your clothes rather than folding them.

“Packing two-to-three days before your flight is essential to staying stress free and without hassles,” said Josh Anderson, a second-year biology pre-med major from the Netherlands. “Make sure that you have everything packed and ready, so you won’t have to go through extra steps when struggling to find things.”

Searching for reasonably priced plane tickets can be difficult when planning for a getaway or vacation.      “Through social media, I’ve learned how to finesse the flight system,” said Jaylen Harris, a sophomore journalism major from Hillside, New Jersey. “For example, I learned that you should use a private browser instead of your main one because they track your activity, therefore inflating the prices each time you review their websites.”

Apps such as Skyscanner and Hopper also can aid you in booking flights by helping you find the best prices, hotel deals and car rentals.

Finding great attractions may initially seem easy; however, it’s important to have fun while saving your money. Budgeting isn’t a must for vacationing, but getting yourself into money-saving habits will have you vacationing like a pro without breaking the bank. Budgeting also can help you vacation more frequently. It’s imperative to also stash money away in case of emergencies. Having money set aside will ensure you will always be prepared, whether at home or at your dream vacation destination.


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