Concert Choir enjoys Jacksonville trip

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer


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The year 2019 is off to a wonderful start. This is a year of new opportunities, especially for Hampton University’s Music Department. Earlier in the semester, it was revealed that the marching band will have the opportunity to perform in Rome in 2020. This time, the latest news focuses on the choir and the announcement that its members recently traveled from its Home by the Sea to perform in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hampton’s Concert Choir on Feb. 7 went on its annual trip to Jacksonville to perform at Bethel Church. Bethel is the home church of Hampton University Choir Director Omar Dickenson; every year, this church’s lead pastor invites Hampton University to perform.

The three-day-long trip was prepared for with rigorous rehearsals and culminated in a fantastic performance wherein the choir performed selections such as “My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me,” “Heal Our Land, Lord” and “Rock a My Soul.”

Each song stunned the crowd and left them asking for more. After the performance, the Concert Choir returned to campus late on Feb. 10.

Trips like this one reflect positively upon the university and on the student body. Students yearn for opportunities to show hidden talents; it is always a great feeling when different abilities are highlighted and students get to do something they love outside of the confines of campus. It’s a refreshing change to perform for people in another community.

Morgan Batts, a freshman Strategic Communications major from York, Pa., shared her thoughts on traveling with the choir: “This experience was so special to me because it was not only my first time in Jacksonville, but my first official travel concert with the Concert Choir. We’ve been working so very hard and to finally get off campus and showcase all of our hard work and talent made the experience all that more special. Events like this are important because they allow choir members to bond and connect while given the opportunity to travel and network. When our talents don’t go unnoticed, and people tell us how amazing it was and how we touched them, it motivates us to want to improve our craft, making all the hard work and dedication all the more rewarding.”

Lauryn Bass, a freshman Broadcast Journalism major from Atlanta, said, “Being a part of Choir has always been a fun, new learning experience. I have always loved to sing; I’ve been singing with my mom, family, church and school for as long as I can remember. So, being this far away in Hampton, the choir gives me a safe haven–they’re my home away from home! I have grown to love my new family, sound, teachings and professor. I’ve also met so many alumni who have given me such great advice, and shown me that I am now a part of a legacy, something much bigger than I am. I’ve also been allowed to travel to new places. For example, we recently traveled to Jacksonville last weekend—which was my first ever visit—and aside from sightseeing, we got to sing  at this beautiful, well-renowned church and showcase all that we’ve learned through … our music. This opportunity has been a lifetime dream of mine, and I thank God for the huge blessing.”

Please stay tuned for more opportunities to see Concert Choir perform, including its Feb. 24 performance at the Norfolk State University Festival.


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