Cardi B makes herstory at Grammys

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer


Flickr User Thomas Hawk

Never in Grammy Award show history had a female rapper won the Best Rap Album of the Year award.

Until now.

Cardi B–rapper, reality TV star and mother–took home her first Grammy for Invasion of Privacy on Feb. 10.

In past years, the award had been given to the biggest male names in hip-hop such as Lil Wayne, Drake and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

However, Cardi B has broken down barriers with her unapologetic attitude and female-empowering energy.

Cardi B showed up on the red carpet with her husband, rapper Offset, a part of the rap group Migos. She usually appears in bold makeup, bright hair and exaggerated clothing. However, this year she was gracefully dressed in her vintage piece by Mugler Couture from their Fall 1995 collection.

The dress resembled an oyster and was a different look for the hardcore rap artist. This ensemble was a perfect mix of Cardi’s loud style with a touch of glamour.

It has been interesting to watch Cardi’s transformation from being on the screen in reality TV drama to performing at the Grammys. Last year was tough for Cardi as she learned how to be a mother and dealt with marriage issues.

“I want to thank my daughter,” Cardi said during her acceptance speech. “I’m not just saying thanks because she’s my daughter. When I found out I was pregnant, my album was not complete. I had three songs I was for sure having.”

The 13-song album was released in April 2018 and features tracks from artists such as singer SZA and Chance the Rapper.

Cardi brings home a Grammy just seven months after she birthed and brought home her baby girl, named Kulture. The rapper often references her daughter and talks about how much she has an impact on her life. She even says in her single Money, “Nothing in this world that I like more than Kulture!”

Cardi performed that hit song at the Grammys and had the crowd singing along with her.

According to, Invasion nabbed “the second-largest streaming week for an album this year,” right behind her husband’s group the Migos for Culture II.

Now, with a female rapper breaking barriers, the music industry culture is changing.


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