Be your own valentine

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer


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Falling in love with yourself should always happen before falling in love with somebody else. If we fail to show ourselves the unconditional love we seek from other sources, we cannot teach other people how to love us correctly. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many people are preoccupied with the thought of romantic partners. That is not necessary. Before this upcoming holiday, learn how to be your own valentine if you have not yet met your match.

To be your own valentine, you must shower yourself with the love that you wish to receive. Be a vessel you can pour love into by simply opening your heart and accepting that you are worthy of love. You deserve love in a phone call. You deserve to pamper yourself with a face mask. Set aside time for you to care for yourself.

As college students, we become so preoccupied with our agendas that we begin to neglect personal days for self-care. Take a day or two, whether it be during the week or the weekend, to indulge in activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing. Never forget to care for your own needs even when it seems like you have too much to do. Time can always be made to care for yourself.

Treat yourself as your own valentine by putting yourself first. It’s OK to make decisions that may require sacrificing the relationships we are so fond of. Sometimes the best things to do are the things that we try to avoid. If a person is contributing upheaval to your life, then release yourself from that situation. Be the CEO of your own life and determine who ought to occupy space in it. Establish what you will and will not tolerate from individuals and who can and cannot have access to you. Guard your energy and your time.

You shouldn’t have to endure relationships, either romantic or friendly, that constantly drain you of your own peace. Relationships are meant to be liberating; they should not function to clutter your mind with unnecessary stress. Today, show yourself the best form of love by selectively choosing which relationships are funding what you need for personal growth.

Finally, make your relationship with yourself a priority. Be patient in rediscovering your passions to live a purpose-filled life. Have the ability to distinguish between self-growth and temporary fulfillment. Continue refining the parts of you that are rough so they can eventually shine and align with the rest of your being.


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