Students celebrate Scripps Days

Jaylen Harris | Staff Writer

As we enter into the New Year, it’s a great time to be a “Scrippa.” Jan. 15 and 16 were Scripps Days. Scripps Days are a celebration recognizing the school’s partnership with the Scripps Howard Foundation, an organization derived from the 140-year old broadcasting E.W. Scripps Company. In 2002, the partnership between Hampton University’s School of Journalism and Communications and the Scripps Howard Foundation began with a $10 million grant revolutionizing the school. The school later received another donation of $150,000 to create a multi-platform news enterprise.

Students entered the event sporting their best attire, eager to meet guests from the Scripps Howard Foundation and company. Guests included: Liz Carter, the president and CEO of the E.W. Scripps Foundation; Dr. Battinto Batts, director of the journalism fund for the E.W. Scripps Foundation; and Karen Hite, the director of talent acquisition.

Once the guests arrived, accompanied by the dean and professors of the school, the event began. There was a video on display giving viewers additional insights into the foundation and how Hampton has put their grants into action. The foundation is responsible for many of the features seen in the mass communication school, including the newsroom, the radio room and the technical equipment.

The video also showed clips from some of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications’ current students and alumni, all telling their career stories. After landing great internships and job offers, the alumni in the spotlight went on to thank the school and reflected on how the things they learned in the classroom prepared them for their jobs.

Students were able to get the chance to ask the professionals anything they wanted. The majority requested advice to help advance their careers.

“Write. Write. Write,” Hite said. “Write as much as you can, regardless if your major is journalism or strategic communications.”

Hite also touched on the topic of resumes, stating that grammar is a huge tip. In addition, she included that you should prove skill sets that you learned in a classroom or in a role regarding organizations or clubs, and that you should include a link to your website on your resume if you have one.

“Scripps Day was really motivational, said Chyna Spencer, a sophomore journalism major at Hampton. “To see a professional perspective on how essential my classes are for my own career makes me want to go harder for that ‘A’ because I know it means much more than just a letter grade. It’s my hard work molding my skills into something greater that could potentially be extremely successful.”

Later that evening, Rashida Jones, a former Scripps student and managing editor at MSNBC, became an honoree in the Scripps Hall of Fame.

All in all, the event was very insightful and gave students that extra ounce of motivation to finish out their years at Scripps, after all the new slogan for the school is “Excellence Built Here.”


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