Popularization of positive affirmations apps

Brandi Hutchinson | Staff Writer


Brandi Hutchinson

Imagine getting a notification on your phone as your morning alarm, notifying you about how beautiful your day is going to be.

More and more people have been signing up for apps that send regular, uplifting messages regarding a wide spectrum of topics and concepts. Some of these apps’ messages may include meaningful words of love, inspiration, spirituality, beauty, faith, healing and more.

Affirmation apps can raise awareness in respect to mental health issues, too. There are so many people who suffer from mental illness, many of whom who feel increasingly isolated. These apps are recommended to people who battle with depression or are just feeling down. Affirmation apps are handy because they’re free, can be sent directly to your mobile phone and contain timeless wisdom.

“These apps can be beneficial when used in a healthy manner. Such apps can heal and reaffirm our sense of value, self-worth, and sense of self,” said sophomore Zipporah Baldwin, a business management major from Alexandria, Virginia.

Many of these apps have a notification timer so recipients can decide when they want to receive their messages. Many people prefer receiving them in the morning because waking up is already a blessing, but being woken by uplifting words of encouragement prepares you to start your day in the best possible way. Getting a message of encouragement and positivity does wonders and can really make a positive change in mood. Sometimes people feel the urge to give up when they are feeling down; using these apps can reignite a motivational drive.

“I highly recommended people download [the app] Eternal Sunshine. It’s an uplifting lifestyle app that promotes awareness on all types of things. It always sends me inspirational messages at the right times,” said Lea Luellen, a junior journalism major.

Social Media is often cited as to why people lack self-love and are so self-conscious. Society’s unrealistic standards are heightened via social media, creating even more pressure for persons to fit in with their peers.

Affirmation app users often post screenshots of the most meaningful messages they’ve received on their own social media accounts, continuing the spread of good reads and positivity.

Other affirmation apps used and recommended to members of the Script Staff include:

She Who is Called


Think Up

Law of Attraction Everyday

Simple Habit- Meditation

Shine- Self Care & Meditation


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