Embarking on the season of internships: Tips toward attaining that job

Gabrielle Tazewell | Staff Writer

We are embarking on the season of internships. This means that we must determine how to best apply ourselves.

For starters, motivation is what will lead future interns into the next phase of success. Internships allow persons without much experience in a field to set goals towards their future careers, allowing them to gain experience along the way. Although there are always those individuals who become prosperous without spending time as an intern, it is important to take the time to learn the fundamentals of one’s field to have a firm foundation to expand upon later.

Although having an internship during the summer may initially seem ideal, internships shouldn’t only be viewed as that “summer job.” Any and all opportunities that come your way should become an immediate priority.

Time management skills are key:  learn how to properly manage your class work, study time and social activities. With careful organization and planning, landing an internship while finishing off the semester will help you get a head start into the next phase of your career. You should also give internship positions a lot of thought; doing so will show your supervisors your commitment and dedication. Taking these steps can lead to long-term job opportunities that are geared towards exactly what you want to pursue.

Persons who work hard and demonstrate talent will make a success of their internships. A weak work ethic is one of the primary reasons as to why most interns don’t thrive within a field.

Calen Johnson, a second-year, five-year MBA major from Maryland, landed an internship at occupational health firm Interdynamics, Incorporated last summer. Johnson said a good intern should be “willing and eager to learn.”

Part of what makes a good intern is a resume that stands out and whose contents showcases accolades and previous work experience. Your resume should demonstrate your experiences in a simple yet eloquent way.

Another Hampton University student was willing to share some important aspects to landing a good internship. Maraya Maynor, second-year pharmacy major from Silver Spring, Maryland, said, “Having a good resume, learning how to dress the part and networking /talking to people upfront and in person are imperative to standing out as an intern.”

Being persistent and consistent are important factors to keep into mind. Consistency can be a trait other people on the job market may lack. Stay on top of tasks in order to show your ability to complete tasks at a reasonable rate. Asking questions is critical to making sure that you’re on track; it shows that you are eager and open to learn new concepts. Apply these tips and tricks, and landing the right internship position will be a breeze.


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