Trump’s border order

Isaiah Spencer | Staff Writer

Border-Immigrant Shelters

Robert Contreras | Associated Press

By the end of November, thousands of migrants from Central America had gathered along the border between Mexico and the United States. United States Border Control agents fired tear gas into the crowds to prevent them from reaching it.

President Donald Trump has made the security on the United States’ borders a priority since his 2016 campaign; the status of the Mexican-United States border is one of his major talking points.

According to a report published by the New York Times, the newly determined President-Elect of Mexico, Andrès Manuel López Obrador, is loved and respected by the people of his country. He cares about putting the poor first and will defend them.

Trump demanded Mexico keep all migrants on Mexican soil while they apply for asylum in the United States. Should this happen, many families will be forced into small shelters that could quickly become overcrowded. The process of applying for asylum can take up months and possibly years.

“They’re not coming into the United States. They will not be coming into our country,” Trump told reporters, including those representing the New York Times.

When asked about the use of tear gas on the crowd, Trump claimed, “We don’t use it on children.” Reports from the New York Times suggest otherwise, as do images showing children being sprayed by tear gas.

“When I saw the picture of the migrants trying to bum rush the border it caught my attention to read that article. And reading the article exposes you to Trump’s real motives,” said Joshua Springer a Hampton University freshman from New York.

But according to the New York Times reports, since his election, Obrador has tried to keep peace and develop a solid relationship with President Trump who has made the trade and migration the focal points of the ties between the two countries.


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