A bit of holiday cheer

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer

It’s December. You know what that means?

The arrival of the holidays, and the end of the fall semester—the moment many of us have been waiting for. But while we must spend a few more days anticipating time away from school, certain forms of holiday cheer have already arrived.

Last weekend, Nov. 30-Dec.2, the Hampton Players put on their production of the musical Mistletoe Jam: A Holiday Musical Extravanganza!—a spin-off of Dickens’ classic story,  A Christmas Carol. This musical tells the tale of Regina Chestnut, a big-time lawyer for a large firm who hates Christmas with an overwhelming passion.

After ruining the Christmas spirit for several of her employees, Regina is taken on a musical journey through time with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. She is taken on this journey to reflect upon her life choices, and ultimately turn her life around for the better.

I thought the show was very heartwarming and a bit inspiring, much like a Christmas Carol itself.” -Alexander McLughlin

The play featured musical numbers from talented singers and jaw-dropping dance numbers from both Hampton University students and younger children from the Hampton Roads community. These elements—especially when coupled with hilarious dialogue between the play’s many dynamic characters—made this show an experience to remember.

The seats of Armstrong Hall’s Little Theater were a gathering place for both Hampton students and members of the community to share in the Christmas spirit, and enjoy the culmination of so many weeks of rehearsal. The theater was packed during all performances of the play; the sounds of laughter and applause could be heard throughout the building as the Hampton Players regaled the crowds with a classic tale with a modern twist.

Even after the performance, the crowd was all smiles as they left the theater.

Alexander McLughlin, a first-year history major from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, said, “I thought the show was very heartwarming and a bit inspiring, much like A Christmas Carol itself.”

Marcus Ramos, a first-year cybersecurity major from Suffolk, said, “I thought the play was emotionally provoking, for it showed how one can truly affect the people around them, and ultimately show love during the holiday season.”

The show was a wonderful opening to the holiday season. The Hampton Players shattered audience expectations, demonstrating the talent of Hampton University’s Fine Arts and Performing Arts Department. As a member of the audience, it left me wanting for more, and I cannot wait for the next show to arrive; when it does, I will definitely be one of the first in line to get a ticket.


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