PTM Hud strives for successful rap career

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer

image1-3.pngDahyo Coleman

Meet Hudson Coats, a third-year entrepreneurship major from Oakland, Calif. He is also known as rapper PTM (pennies to millions) Hud. The 20-year-old’s passion for music and need for self-expression led him to his rap career today.

At just 13 years old, he began rapping simply for fun. Rapping then went from being a hobby to becoming a dream. Growing up in the Bay Area allowed him to learn many life lessons. He has now taken those experiences and used them to express himself through music. He reminisced on how he started rapping and where it all started.

“As time progressed, I continued to write and become more skilled,” Hudson said. “My freshman year, my roommate and I would rap every day to get more experienced.”

Although Hudson has grown as an artist, he still uses the same creative process when making his music. When making songs, he just allows himself to be creative and let the words come to him. He even mentioned how he stays up late in the morning creating and writing songs.

After releasing numerous songs over the years, he decided to take things a step further. Hudson stepped out of his comfort zone and went from practicing in his dorm room to working on his first major project.

In March, he released his first mixtape, No Excuses, which features eight songs. His favorite is called “Come Up.” Hudson recalls feeling drained after completing the project once he noticed the effort and time that goes into creating a mixtape.

“The experience was tiring, but it was just as rewarding at the same time,” the rapper said.

He briefly spoke about how his mother, family and friends motivate him to create his music. However, rapper Meek Mill is the one who initially inspired him to even begin writing/rapping.

When talking about the rapper, Hudson said, “If I could work with any rapper in the industry, it would be Meek Mill.”

In the future, Hudson envisions himself being on the big stage performing his music. Although having a successful rap career is his dream, he plans on using his degree in entrepreneurship to help him become more knowledgeable about the business aspect of the music industry.

He also aspires to have his own clothing brand called “Pennies to Millions.” The inspiration behind the clothing line goes back to his personal experiences and how he plans on growing his economic wealth in the future.

PTM Hud is currently working on his new mixtape, No Excuses 2. He plans on releasing the project sometime in December or early next year.

In comparison to his first mixtape, he plans on having more collaborations with other artists.

To keep up with Hudson and his music, follow him on Instagram @ptm_hud. No Excuses is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.


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