Rapper MoThoro completes the ThoroLyfe series with his new album ThoroLyfe:Graduation

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer


Dahyo Coleman

Almost one year after releasing ThoroLyfe: Execution, MoThoro has birthed yet another album, called ThoroLyfe: Graduation. The new album explores where he is now post-grad and the emotions, fears and excitement connected with this next step in his life.

“This album is about showing the people growth in my music overall. I wanted to close out the ThoroLyfe series strong, and ThoroLyfe: Graudation was the perfect way to do that,” Mo said.

Morris Taylor also known as Mo or MoThoro, is a recent graduate of Hampton University and is a fifth-year in the five-year MBA program.

When asked about how he feels about being a graduate student, Mo replied, “I will always have love for Hampton. It’s a lot of work being in graduate school, but I’m glad I can stay an extra year to work towards my career and build my fan base at the same time.”

One of Mo’s songs on the album is called “My Own Time,” and he describes the song as a way to discuss him staying in his lane and not focusing on what others are doing. Mo went into detail, saying he knew people would resonate with this song because of the social media age we are living in.

“In this day in age with social media, it is easy to compare yourself with others,” Mo said. “My Own Time is about buckling up and handling business for yourself.”

The rapper also talked about how this album allowed for him to express some of the issues he dealt with internally and how he overcame them.

Of course, Mo had to throw some collaborations on the album as well. One thing listeners can definitely notice is that Mo is not a “stingy artist.” He has always been willing to work with or feature other artists on his albums such as rappers Zay Blaze and Kai Ca$h, who are growing their music careers at Hampton University. He even worked with his longtime best friend Rasual and singers such as Mare, Autumn Star and Allyn.

The Los Angeles native has been a rapper for quite some time now and has experience in the music industry. The rap game alone can be very cruel and intimidating to inspiring artists.

When asked about some advice Mo would give to aspiring rappers or artists on campus, Mo’s advice was, “Any opportunity you get to perform or get yourself out there, take it. Continue to make quality music as well.”

In tradition to celebrate the release of his new album, Mo had an album release party, and everyone from friends, family and fans were there in support. The release party was a comfortable environment filled with good music, food and refreshments. Mo is overjoyed that he has a consistent fan base that is always there to support his music.

Although this may be the last album of the ThoroLyfe series, that doesn’t mean Mo is taking a break. He mentioned that he is potentially starting a new series.

Give ThoroLyfe: Graduation a listen on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, Google Play and Amazon. To keep up with him and his music, follow Mo on Instagram and Twitter @MoThoro. Also, scan the QR Code below to instantly get Mo’s album on your mobile device.


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