Oh, what a time for HUchella fashion!

Anisa Saigo |Staff Writer


(Left to right) Sydni McCuten and Homecoming Director Nia Wellman

What a time to be alive! This week’s Hampton University’s Homecoming is probably the most anticipated in years. The theme is Hampton University’s very own Coachella: “HUchella.”

It is the year for good vibes and even better fashion.This time of the year, we tend to complain to our parents about our lack of clothes and need for new wardrobes.

However, you can save your parents’ pockets by going shopping in your closet first. Pick out pieces that stand out to you, and only order items that you don’t already have. The Homecoming goal is to have fun and be cute without going broke.

The HUchella theme makes it easier to shop around for festival-inspired outfits. Jean shorts, Vans, leather jackets, boyfriend jeans and flower crowns are just a few pieces suggested for this theme. Since the weather is in transition, many stores are having huge sales on items. Take advantage!

A few Hampton University students shared their take with this year’s theme and fashion trends. They recommended stores such as Zumiez, Journeys, Urban Outfitters, PrettyLittleThing and Fashion Nova because they are all having amazing sales that everyone should be on the lookout for.

“I always wait until last minute to get my stuff ready for Homecoming,” junior journalism major Paige Vosges said. “I literally picked all of my outfits for Homecoming in my closet. I saved so much money not spending it.

“Since it’s fall, of course we are going to see people start to bring out the coats, sweaters and such. It’s always interesting to see how people from different cities dress,” Aaron Ince said. “I like to wear coats, sweaters and turtlenecks, and I like to layer my outfits to give them different looks.”

Everyone knows how hard Hampton University comes with the fashion looks every year. We don’t play fair at all. The different trends at this year’s homecoming will definitely be a sight to see.


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