What’s on your fall must-do list?

Zari Paige | Staff Writer

Fall bucket list photo-Flickr user Cristian Iohan Stefanescu.jpg

Flickr User Cristian Iohan Stefanescu

Fall is finally here. From Sept. 22 to Dec. 21, people are graced with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. For college students, this season calls for both spooky Halloween activities and chilling at home, feasting on our favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

“My favorite aspect of fall is the fashion and activities during the season,” freshman marketing major Amira Jones said. “Everyone starts changing their hair color and layering outfits.”

Others, like political science major Simone Quary, prefer the sweeter things that come with fall. “I like baking those really good Pillsbury cookies,” she said.

Below are some other activities that may be on your must-do list this fall:

Haunted Houses

As cliché as it may sound, haunted houses can be fun. If you’re too afraid to venture out alone, find friends with whom you can enjoy jump-scares and near-death experiences. There isn’t much more to say about this one, it’s a fall must-do list no-brainer!

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes

As The Everygirl website puts it: “Pumpkin patches are the reasons to live for October and the ultimate reminder of our childhoods.” Corn mazes and pumpkin patches were fun activities that we enjoyed as children. Who said we can’t bring them back in college? Whether you choose to go with your close friends or your significant other, these activities are fall staples.

Costume Parties

Halloween in college is different from Halloween at home. I’m sure when most people think of Halloween parties, the iconic Mean Girls costume party scene comes to mind. From costume parties to murder mystery parties, the list goes on. Find your best age-appropriate costume and enjoy the party!

Sweater Weather

For some of us, sweater weather is what we’ve been waiting for: time to update your fall wardrobe, dress up in fall outfits and have photoshoots to post on social media!

“Ankle boots, nice sweaters or jackets can add to your outfit,” Amira Jones said when asked about fabulous fall fashion.

Tasty Treats

Whether you’re with your friends or enjoying your own company, holiday-themed treats can lift your spirits. I’m sure we’ve all baked those Pillsbury holiday-themed cookies, right? The ones imprinted with colorful symbols representing the different holidays? This is a no-judgment zone, but how many of us have finished an entire pack by ourselves?

Chilling Indoors

Don’t be mistaken, going to Halloween parties and carving the occasional pumpkin with your friends can be fulfilling. But what if you’re an anti-social introvert who still wants to cross activities off your must-do list? Enjoying the fall season can be as simple as curling up under a cozy blanket to watch Halloween movies in your dorm room. If you’d rather be in a group, try hosting a scary movie night.

Whatever you decide to partake in this fall, make sure it’s fun, safe, and picture-worthy!


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