Rolling with the punches: Learning to embrace change

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer

Summer is about to make an exit. Meanwhile, fall is slowly inching closer with colorful changing of leaves, shorter days, and longer nights. As the seasons rotate, students must adapt to new climates and to new responsibilities presented. It may seem difficult at first, but certain preparations will help with the transition.

Just like weather patterns, people must endure changes in their lives —the expected and the unexpected. The challenge is making the proper accommodations for them. People often react negatively to change, especially when undesirable circumstances necessitate a shift. It could be a shift in responsibility, a shift in friendships, or a shift in the position of one’s life.

Rather than embrace the changes that serve to propagate growth and prepare us for life’s continuous stages, heads turn in the opposite direction. Resistance is so apparent that many try to undo what has already been done. Instead of thinking pessimistically about these new alterations, accept what cannot be changed and focus on what power you do have: your response.

Our response to a season’s change is crucial. It determines what will be attained in that season and an opportunity to meditate upon our flexibility and preparedness to readily migrate to higher altitudes.

Transitioning to these higher places may involve leaving behind things and people we once believed beneficial. However, we must also learn how to welcome in the new despite what we were once accustomed to. Therefore, the question remains, how ready are we to transition?

“Transitioning from high school to college showed me that I have to depend on myself to do my work. Since I’m away from home, there is no one to depend on but myself,” said Christian Somerset, a freshman journalism major from Somerset, New Jersey.

Cameron Warren, a senior music major from Pennsylvania, said that being in college has prepared him for the future. “I feel that I’m mentally prepared for it. I’ve been through a lot at Hampton [that has prepared me for adulthood],” the senior said.

Unfortunately, we sometimes become too comfortable with the current season we are in; we forget we were not meant to stay there forever. We forget that our current placement is not our final destination, and there are still places for us to visit on our quest to fulfilling life’s purpose.

Seasons are temporary as well as the changes accompanying them. They are meant to denote specific transitions in your life that will only fulfill purposeful objectives that seem obscured at first. Do not be complacent with where you are, because where you are will become where you have been.


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