North West runway debut: Too early or right on time?

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer

As a young girl, there are many things you could do: play dress up, ride a bike, color pictures and model. North West, daughter of Kim and Kanye West, made her modeling debut at 5 years old.

The cutie walked in the L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Show. The video went viral via her mother’s Instagram story.

Although the young fashionista may be new to the fashion world, the majority of her family is not.

Kendall Jenner has dominated the fashion industry since she started her modeling career in 2009. Kanye West has his own clothing and shoe line that is a huge inspiration to today’s fashion. Also, Kim Kardashian-West has been dressed in every major fashion house to date. So, it is easy to say that fashion is in North’s DNA.

“It is easy to say that fashion is in North’s DNA.”

At 5 years old, it can be fun to walk down a fashion runway. Of course, there are those success stories where models start young and then grow up to become supermodels. However, is Kim exposing North too early to the fashion world?

In the video, North is shown with a bold red lip and Michael Jackson’s inspired Thriller patent leather skirt and jacket. The outfit was also paired with a black shirt that revealed the midriff area.

“I don’t think it’s too early for North West to begin modeling,” said Nia Brevard, a strategic communications major and marketing minor from Prince George’s County, Md. “The only concern is how she is dressed and presented. She is still 5 years old, and she still needs to look 5 years old.”

Kardashian-West has been slammed in the past for “overdoing” things when it comes to how she parents her daughter. For example, Kim straightened North’s hair, and the social media world went crazy, attacking Kim for doing so. She also has been criticized for her parenting style. However, some feel Kim is actually a great parent.

Jada Skyy Lawson, a sophomore nursing major from New York, N.Y., said, “I feel that if she wasn’t ‘North West,’ daughter of Kim and Kanye, her walking wouldn’t have been a topic of discussion. Being that her parents are who they are, she too gets faced with a lot of negative criticism on not only her walk, but her speech, too.

“People are failing to realize that North is a child and is only doing what children do, which is having fun modeling for a children’s clothes company.”

Out of all the celebrities’ children featured in the show, North was most publicized. When conducting an Instagram story poll about the topic, out of 45 people, 28 voted and said that North’s runway debut was right on time, and 17 voted too early.

Whatever the fashion verdict may be, North is undeniably one of the cutest celeb kids hands down and was simply strutting her best walk down the runway. Whether this is the the beginning or the end to her modeling career, North was absolutely adorable bringing out her inner supermodel on the runway.


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