Making your mark on Hampton University

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer

With the 2018-2019 school year underway, Hampton University sees the return of many of its students and faculty. Many returning students are swiftly re-adjusting to college life, buying textbooks and handling the new workload that is placed in front of them. Yet, the 2018-2019 academic year also signals something else.  It signals the arrival of the Class of 2022, also known as Quintessence Eleven. 

Since the Class of 2022 arrived at Hampton University in late August, its members have been stirring things up around campus in an attempt to make their voices heard. Their activities range from making new friends around campus, to scrambling to adjust to college life, to purchasing textbooks and study guides, to leaping at the opportunity to further their involvement in the Hampton community. 

Hamptonian freshmen were given their first opportunity to make their mark on campus with the freshmen election speeches for class officers. Held at 5 pm at the Memorial Church on Sunday, September 9, enthusiastic candidates introduced themselves to the entire freshman class—as well as interested upperclassmen—all eager to hear what the candidates had to say. 

In front of their peers, the candidates for Miss Freshman Attendant, Miss Freshman, Mr. Freshman, Class Treasurer, Class Vice President and Class President stood before the podium and delivered their speeches. They rallied the crowds with creative attention grabbers and by demonstrating their qualifications through their humanitarian efforts and community service. During their speeches each shared ideas to ensure an unforgettable experience for the freshmen class.

But these candidates’ efforts didn’t begin there. Before the event, the candidates had spent many hours building up goodwill for their campaigns. From gathering support from their friend groups to going through their residence halls, they went around campus in an effort to strengthen their campaigns. These young men and women have come to Hampton with a purpose: they are ensuring that every moment on campus is time well spent, in the hopes that they will not only attend Hampton, but become one of the school’s assets.

Elections for the Freshman Class Officers were originally supposed to be held Friday, September 14th in the Student Center. Due to the closure of Hampton University as a result of Hurricane Florence, the voting period has been moved. Still, no matter who wins the elections, each and every candidate has shown what it truly means to be a Hamptonian, and every candidate can be seen as the embodiment of school pride.


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