It’s never too late: Study hacks that may save your college career

Raven Reaves-Jackson | Contributing Writer

The transition from high school to college can be difficult for most students, especially if you choose to go to school far away from home.

You start to go through an array of emotions that you were not used to because you probably never had to face them until college. With those emotions, you may find that it is hard for you to stay focused on your classes, resulting in a couple of bad grades.

Don’t worry. Here are some simple, yet effective study hacks for you to ace all your assignments – and especially your upcoming finals.

The first hack is Quizlet. Just because you may have used Quizlet in high school does not mean it needs to be left there. Many think that because the content of college work is much stronger than high school work that using Quizlet is a waste, but it’s not.

This site is very effective for remembering terms, whether it is 5 or 100 words, science- or history-related terms or even songs that can be broken up into parts. With this site, you have the choice to test yourself any type of way. Quizlet does it all.

The next hack is a study group. Whenever college students see the word “group” they tend to automatically dread the idea, especially in college. It is no secret that group projects somehow always go way left in college, but this is not a project. This is a group of students meeting up to succeed together. Even if one student in the group is the only person who has any idea about what is going on in the class, that helps.

Now, the final hack, which is probably the most effective, is studying before bed. This idea is overlooked by many but is an extremely smart thing to do. If you think about it, when you dream, you usually dream about something you saw or thought about before you went to bed, and when you wake up in the morning, you are thinking about that same thing. So, if you study right before you go to bed and do a run-through of the material as soon as you wake up, it is more likely that you will remember everything.


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