Conquering the captivity of your comfort zone

Zipporah Baldwin | Staff Writer

Whether it’s shooting your shot, performing at an open mic night or just contributing to a class discussion, each day, we are faced with new opportunities to step out of our comfort zones.

However, we often refuse to follow through, simply due to fear. It is time to change things up and become free from unproductive, self-imposed limitations, if considering new positive opportunities will contribute to our growth.

Hampton students have experienced success when they stepped out of their comfort zone. Take, for example, graduating senior Mion Edwards.

“I found a deeper part of myself by having the courage to go for opportunities that would enhance me,” Edwards said. “I found that the only way to truly grow was to explore things that I’ve never done.”

Fellow graduating senior Da’Quan Jones agreed.

“Stepping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to meet numerous individuals that I probably would not have met otherwise,” Jones said. “It has also developed my social skills, so I feel like I can communicate with anyone because I have interacted with people from all over.”

With a shift in perspective, a motivation for self-elevation and undeniable courage, march toward victory as you claim success, hurdling each obstacle of fear. You can start today.


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