On My Block breaks barriers and gains success

Selena Roberts | Staff Writer

Responsible for hit shows like Stranger Things, Dear White People, One Day at a Time and so on, Netflix supports shows that feature diverse casts and show minorities in a positive light. On My Block was recently added to the streaming service’s website and it has generated a lot of buzz among fans due to its refreshing way of portraying the drama that teens experience on an everyday basis.

The 10-episode drama centers around a tight-knit group of four friends (Ruby, Jamal, Caesar, and Monse) who are about to enter high school. As a new journey begins with these four, their friendship is being constantly tested. Besides experiencing the ups and downs of high school, they also have to navigate their way through the crime and violence of their hometown.

The show is set in South Central Los Angeles. Each episode provides viewers with a glimpse of the friend group’s everyday dilemma of trying not to get caught up in the life of crime associated with South Central L.A. Although the show centers around them attending high school, the plot exceeds the ordinary adolescent drama. On My Block shows the reality of the minority youth and highlights their own internal struggles with trying to fit in.

Freshman Victor Dalmeida said, “Seeing characters that have similar conflicts that I go through myself is something that attracted me to the show. Each episode left me wanting more. … I was rooting for [the characters] like I knew them.”

Each character, although different, is relatable, and that is what is so special about the show. Cesar is a bright kid involved in a gang, Ruby is a math genius who has trouble making the right choices. Jamal is a dork with a heart of gold. Monse aspires to become a writer. All of the characters are connected through their pain, misfortunes and grief. Their tight bond is their key to surviving the the harsh reality of growing up in a town where hardly anyone makes it out.

Even celebrities have taken notice of the Netflix original. Jamie Foxx tweeted, “Seriously. Watch @OnMYBlockTv on Netflix. Funny. Heartbreaking. We’ll be watching these kids for a long time.”

It has not been confirmed whether the show will be renewed for another season, but judging by the success of the show, it would be no surprise if it did.


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