Feminism vs. chivalry

Kayla Lipscomb | Staff Writer

Flickr User Peter Morgan

Women rule the world!

In recent years, women have ditched the housewife role and evolved to become savvy hustlers, top-notch industry leaders.

Women have embraced these advancements and have empowered each other through sisterhood and feminism.

Feminism has allowed women to unite, connect and prove that men are not a necessity for success.

However, has the evolution of the standard role of a woman altered relationships between the sexes?

How can we date in a world where women are searching for gentlemen, but the independent woman rejects the acts of a gentleman?

“A real good man or woman is not easy to find. Most men won’t take women out on dates. It’s always ‘Netflix and chill,’” says Kiara Ward-Beveridge, a junior criminal justice major from Washington D.C.

More initiative is needed in this generation of love. Many conflicts will not take place if people genuinely cared and knew what could get lost in communication. When dating, trying to determine the roles of a woman and man is difficult to figure out.

There may be women who like to be treated and women who like to handle business themselves.

“The problem is, men don’t know where to take the lead or how to be a gentleman. [Relationships nowadays are] about proving someone is higher than the next, and a relationship shouldn’t be that way,” says Maya Gaines Smith, a junior Biology major from Cleveland, Ohio.

Power has played a major role into why women have become independent and are no longer depending on men.

In relationships, the balance of power can be off balance depending on whether the two individuals are dominant characters.

“Anyone in a relationship should be equally yoked with each other. Relationships are all about common ground and understanding each other. If one of us is concerned about who’s in charge we are both wrong. We both have a part in a relationship so it’s equal,” says Brianna Smith, a junior Business Management major from Las Vegas.

As young adults dating and encountering each other on the daily basis recognizing women and men have both altered from traditional times.

The years of the woman are not coming to an end anytime soon and men should not change being a gentleman due to society.

Gentlemen can find a way to adapt and date until their dream woman is in their arms.


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