Are you addicted?

Zipporah Baldwin | Staff Writer


Do you find yourself binge drinking the pain away or sparking up to forget it all? This article may be for you.

Addiction is something that a great deal of us, at one point or another, may experience throughout our lives. Whether a battle with drugs, a dependency on alcohol or even an obsession with social media, many have experienced – or witnessed a loved one experience –

the detrimental effects of addiction. As we grow consumed in our poor habits, we forget how we are impacting our families, our friends and even ourselves.

Despite the temporary relief found in addiction, according to American Addiction Centers, “individuals before their mid-20s have the potential to increase addiction later on in life due to the lack of development of the brain.” Gain control now, while you still can.

In elementary school, we were taught to ask the Five W’s, “who, what, when, where, and why,” to see the bigger picture of a story. Let’s see the bigger picture of our own stories:

Who are you becoming on this path that you are on?

If this dependency is restricting your opportunities, determine for yourself if it is really worth it.

What is your stronghold?

Whether daily dependence on weed, steady binge eating or indulgent overuse of the internet, evaluate what consumes you in an unhealthy manner on a consistent basis.

When will you move forward?

Determine what it will take for you to turn away from these habits and put a plan in place to follow through.

Where are these addictions fed?

Does your environment contribute the continuation of your addiction? We tend to shy away from severing relationships, even if they are toxic, typically due to the length or history of the relationship, alongside the fear of being alone. But if the people who you call friends are only feeding the fire, consider taking at least a temporary break. Be sure to reinforce your support group with people who have your best interest at heart during recovery.

Why are you dependent on this addiction?

If you are using to cope, what are the things that you are covering up with these habits? Is it emotional pain? Is it a lack of interest? Is it self-hatred? Whatever that cause may be, it may be time to address the problem head on, instead of using your dependency as a coping strategy.

How will you plan to overcome? Seek a medical health care professional if necessary.

Whether on campus in the counseling center or off campus with a specialized practice, get the additional tools that you need to conquer your addiction and maintain victory over it.


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