“Who am I and where am I going?” Defeating identity crises

Zipporah Baldwin | Staff Writer

Micah McNair | Leenika Belfield-Martin

“Who am I?” and “Where am I going?” are questions that we, college students, ask ourselves on a regular basis.

The discovery of personal purpose is an everyday task, both rewarding and challenging, as we uncover our greatest passions along with our deepest fears.

Whether we’re drowning ourselves in procrastination or obsessing our priorities, we tend to direct our focus everywhere else but to ourselves. Often times, we end up so busy with others, that we forfeit taking the time to get to know ourselves.

According to the American Psychology Association, “The concept of identity is made up of two parts – self-concept and self-esteem.”

In other words, your identity includes your beliefs about yourself and how you feel about those beliefs of yourself.

The self-discovery journey can be a tedious one, but there are steps to help you reach that destination.

Consider your…

POSITIVITY – Are you optimistic about your future and your existence right now in the present? Positivity will be a major fuel behind your success. This includes: positive attitudes, positive beliefs, positive energy, positive thoughts and positive words.         Do away with self-defeating behavior and remember that your quality traits outweigh any and every shortcoming that you see within yourself.

PASSIONS – What are you passionate about? Your passions can typically give you hints to where your purpose lies.

PURSUIT – Are you in pursuit of what you want to get out of life? Maintaining a healthy balance by avoiding idleness and avoiding overexertion is a major key for success.

PERSISTENCE – Are you consistently going after what you want to gain out of life? Destroy self-doubt and fear of the unknown. Be persistent in order to maintain your well-being along your journey.

PERSONAL GROWTH – Are you at peace with who you are becoming? Keep an eye out for signs of your personal growth to guarantee positive, forward-moving productivity, instead of stagnation or decline.

Continue to plant good seed in your purpose, on purpose, so that you may bear a plentiful harvest in due time.

Certainly, the process of self-discovery is not immediate, but it is undoubtedly worthwhile.

“The best part of my self-discovery journey has been finding peace,” senior Desiree Jones said. “The main portion of my peace is realizing who deserves my time and who doesn’t.”

Sophomore Brooke Arrington affirmed, “The best part of my self-discovery journey [has been] the people that I’ve met along the way. They have inspired me to strive to be the best version of myself that I can be.”


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