Social media: Rise or fall of the millennial generation?

Chevmonay Gaines | Staff Writer

Social media has a dominant influence on human interaction and society. There’s no doubt that the quick emergence of today’s social media sites is only the beginning of what has become a new, and more convenient, form of communication.

But why, though? What is the addictive ingredient that keeps social media users coming back for more? Let’s take a dip into some pros and cons of social media.


  1. PRO: Social media allows its users to keep up with current events

 I’ll be the first to say I rarely ever watch the news anymore. I get the latest local and worldwide news via outlets on Twitter and Snapchat. I have the ability to become notified on the latest breaking stories sent straight to my iPhone as soon as they happen.

“My favorite thing about social media is being able to stay updated about the world around me,” journalism major Simone Bell-Dennis said. “Although it can be quite cryptic, I would rather know about what is going on in the world than to be completely in the dark.”

At the rate we’re going with social media spreading current events, news channels will likely become outdated.


  1. CON: Social media promotes a sense of not being good enough

 We all know someone with an “online personality.” They flaunt a dream lifestyle instead of addressing self-esteem issues with the goal of gaining “likes” and attention.

Seeing what a mutual friend (or even a stranger) has accomplished and wondering why you haven’t done the same, or better, can ultimately create self-doubt.

“People only post what they want you to see,” psychology major Kayla Snowden said. “You saw that they got the internship, but you don’t know how many times they applied for it and got denied before.”

It is imperative to remember that you must move at your own pace. What is meant for you will always be for you.


  1. PRO: Social media provides a platform for users to display their talents and hobbies

Whether you’re a designer, makeup/hair guru, musician or actor, you can become noticed for simply making posts of doing what you love. If your posts attract enough people, companies may even contact you.

Social media also provides a plethora of business networking opportunities.


  1. Con: Social media has filtered true human connection

I cannot tell you all the amount of times I’ve been to a party and seen people on Twitter and Snapchat almost the entire night through. I also cannot say the amount of times I’ve interacted with someone online and as soon as I pass by them in person…*crickets.* As ironic as it seems, social media has made humans less social.  Legitimate face-to-face communication lacks popularity nowadays.   

Though social media has its downfalls, there are situations in which it has supported human advancement and awareness. While we are always digitally connected with each other, we must remember to not become disconnected with ourselves. Social media will inevitably become more advanced, so be sure to make the best of it.


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