HUPD asks church to not approach any other students on campus

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor

Two women representing a church approached a Hampton University student Feb. 12 outside the campus cafeteria.

One of the women asked sophomore pre-nursing major Janelle St. Clair about “God the Mother.”

“She was pushing for an intimate session, private study,” St. Clair said. “Either way, students shouldn’t be subjected to that.”

University police agreed.

HUPD asked the church – the World Mission Society Church of God – to not approach students on campus, according to a Feb. 13 statement from HU Police Chief David Glover.

“As a private institution, we do not allow off campus organizations and individuals to solicit our students in any manner without prior written approval,” Glover said in the statement.

HU police were made aware that students had been approached on campus, at the Hampton Harbors Apartments and at the Hampton Harbor Shops. HUPD increased patrol activity in those areas.

If students are approached by the church on or near campus, university police urge them to contact HUPD at 757-727-5666 or through the LiveSafe App.

Ishani Lee, another HU student, said she previously was approached by women matching the description of the church members who approached St. Clair. Lee said that she was walking to the Hampton Harbors at around 8 one night when she was approached around the tennis courts.

“They asked me if I knew about the passover.” Lee said.

She was offered the same invitation for a private study but declined it.

Hampton senior Norman Wilkerson visited the World Mission Society Church of God in Newport News last semester after being invited by two men.

“(I’d) never been to a place (like that) where everyone kept an emotionless smile,” Wilkerson said.


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