A Paradox to remember

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer

When you usually think of a sci-fi movie, are there usually large spaceships, aliens and different colored uniforms involved? One new movie, The Cloverfield Paradox, is all of that and more.

The movie was released Feb. 4 on Netflix. It is a continuation of the 2008 Cloverfield saga. The franchise is centered around regular situations being completely flipped with the characters having to overcome an extraterrestrial threat.

In the movie, the world is in the middle of an energy crisis set in 2028. Families all over the world are restricted to use power for a certain amount of time. Countries are fighting over who gets what share of power for what amount of time. The situation becomes so dire that energy experts are put in a space station to try to rip a hole into another dimension in an attempt to create an unlimited energy source for the world.

Ava, the communications officer aboard the station and the representative for England, is the protagonist of the movie. Back on Earth, her husband, Michael, is dealing with the fleck of different countries fighting each other.

Amidst all of the chaos, there are plenty of unforeseen consequences that affect the characters in strange ways.

The movie had lots of hype leading up to the release. Many were looking forward to the third installment in the Cloverfield series.

The film’s producer, JJ Abrams, is known for his projects like the television show Lost, the new Star Wars reboots, and notable films like Super 8 and the Cloverfield franchise. So fans were expecting this movie to be a hit.

However, some HU students think otherwise. To freshman Jordan Jackson, the film was underwhelming. “I expected better from the filmmakers compared to the amount to hype and advertising the film got in the coming weeks of the release,” Jackson said. “To me, it was a disappointment.”

The movie is not a failure, but its downfall is that it is simply average. The plot seemed overall generic.

If you happen to be scrolling through Netflix, give the movie a shot and see what you think of it.


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