Hampton University Celebrates its 150th Founder’s Day

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor


“Hampton University continues to sculpt and mold the hopes and dreams of many generations to come,” said keynote speaker Gen. Darrell Williams at HU’s 125th Founder’s Day celebration.

Last Sunday marked the 150th anniversary of Gen. Samuel Armstrong founding of the institution.

Despite its founding 150 years ago, the university still cherishes its foundation and reasoning behind its founding.

Gen. Darrell Williams

HU alumnus Williams captured the extent of his experience at Hampton University within a few minutes. As the first in his family to go to college, Williams knew he was blessed to be able to live out his hopes and dreams.

During his tenure, he realized he was a part of something greater, and Hampton University will help him produce an even better version of himself.

Williams discussed the foundation for which Hampton University was founded upon the head, the heart, and the hands. Gen. Armstrong created a curriculum for students to receive traditional courses, but included the importance to balance those out with lessons that can be used in everyday life.

For the past 40 years Hampton University’s vision has been upheld under the guidance of President William R. Harvey. Under his direction Harvey ensures the student body, faculty, and staff understand the importance of legacy and leadership.

“President Harvey continues to push me to become my full potential. His speech at today’s event pulled out a new drive that wasn’t there before,” said Junior Adrienne Arnold, a nursing major from Chicago, Illinois.

Arnold shared her desire for bigger goals and Hampton University is giving her the opportunity.

Students say Harvey’s leadership and Hampton University’s legacy plays a huge role in the opportunities in their life.

Seeing HU pirate battalion Williams evoked his time as a pirate battalion. He understood their journey and reminded them of Hampton that their hard work will pay off. Williams concluded his speech by encouraging future generations to endure the vision of HU’s founder Gen. Samuel Armstrong.

Following his speech was a song by the Hampton University concert choir that restated the positivity and forward thinking that was conveyed in each speech.

Dr. Christine Darden and retired Army Lt. Col. Claude Vann III were recognized for their extraordinary work within the Hampton community with the Presidential Citizenship Award.

Hampton University’s founder’s day recognizes its rich history, legacy, the great individuals it produces, and the great individuals current students will become.

A recap of this event is available on the Hampton University website: http://www.hamptonu.edu


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