Global Awareness Day: Encouragement of study abroad programs

Amber Smith | Staff Writer IMG_6215


Captivating cultures were discussed at Hampton University’s Global Awareness Day. The School of Liberal Arts and Education and the Department of English and Foreign Languages came together to enlighten students about the privileges of studying abroad. Harvey Library Meeting Room was filled with students from all backgrounds and majors to learn more about this process.

“Going to Spain is a wonderful experience. You will be working, experiencing new opportunities and earning money,” said Brenda Marrero.

Study abroad programs are open to students from any major, and fluency in a certain foreign language is not required. The faculty and staff from the study abroad programs and the foreign language department are there to support students who desire to travel abroad.

If students want to study abroad, they are well prepared to make the transition to another country comfortable. The faculty and staff want students to be able to be competitive and have confidence while they are traveling in another country.

“Being aware of other cultures and picking up a second language is very helpful in the professional world,” said junior Olivia Staples.

Global Awareness Day not only encouraged students to expand their learning by studying abroad, but also urged students to get involved by using their skills to give back to the community. One way students can do this is through programs like the Spanish Latino Initiative.

The Spanish Latino Initiative was created in 2015 and is designed to serve the community with professional development, education and training. Latino youth are less likely to be enrolled in school, and this program aims to help improve that by aiding with English courses.

“There is nothing better than being able to say [that] I, as a student, helped another student,” said Victoria Cartagena, HU Hispanic and Latino Initiative participant.

While traveling to another country may seem frightening or uncomfortable for some, the study abroad programs ensure that students will be safe and secure in their designated countries.

Students who travel abroad will have the opportunity to make long-lasting relationships, network, learn and gain real-world experience beyond the classroom. The connections and memories made abroad will stay with students forever.


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