Get to your goals: Tips to help you achieve success

Raven Reaves-Jackson | Contributing Writer

Courtesy of Raven Reaves-Jackson

The New Year is approaching, and that calls for New Year’s resolutions. But why wait till Jan. 1, when you can set your own goals now? It’s easy to get distracted or discouraged along the way, but these guidelines should make the process a bit easier.

1.    Only set goals that will motivate you to be better.

When setting goals, it is important that you only set goals that will motivate you. Set goals that are important to you, and once they are achieved, you will feel like a better and new person.

Setting goals that have little significance in your life decreases your chances of following through. Always make sure whatever goal you choose is motivating and always know your “why.”

2.    Remember to set 

relevant goals. 

The goals you set should be relevant and measurable to your life now. They do not just have to be long-term. It’s equally important that your goals relate to your daily life, work and family.

Keeping your goals relevant to those three main things not only keeps you focused, but helps you strive even more.

3.    Make a serious plan and stick to it.

Everyone knows that you can’t have a plan without an idea. So when you get your idea, make a plan. Making a plan guides you to the finish line. Some people become so occupied with the outcome of their goal, that they forget the steps they must take to achieve it. Without planning, your goal crumbles. After you set your goal and plan it out, remember to stick it out.

Remember that all things take time, and good things do not come easy. Whenever you start to give up, try to remember the reason you set that goal in the first place.

With these three simple steps, you can achieve any goal you set.


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