Thrifting 101

Brandi Hutchinson | Contributing Writer

Imagine going on an unplanned scavenger hunt and purchasing some of your favorite vintage antiques.

Imagine exploring diverse styles, unique gifts and great spending habits all while avoiding a busy mall.

That’s the thrifting experience in a nutshell.

Thrifting is a trend that many overlook due to societal standards. It’s an uplifting experience because most of thrift stores are charity-based, so you’re benefiting while being benefited.

Here are some tips and tricks to expand your knowledge on the benefits of thrift shopping.

Wardrobe Change

Over time, your style will evolve because thrifting offers so many unique assortments. The majority of the time, when you buy something from a thrift store, you’re most likely the only person to have that specific piece of clothing.

It’s a win-win situation, and who would turn that down? Modern trends that you struggle to find in your everyday stores are found in thrift stores.

So, you’ll never find yourself in that awkward predicament where someone is wearing the same thing as you.

Designer for Only $5

Vintage fashion has been a fad for years now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of style anytime soon.

Everyone knows that when it comes to vintage and antique items, they aren’t cheap. You’ll see people flaunting their closets full of vintage name-brand designers on social media sites and wonder how they hit the jackpot.

Well, the cat’s out the bag, ladies and gents; thrifting is the answer. Good quality apparel valued at least $50-$100, you’ll find for sale at $5 or less.

Adventure Time 

Thrifting may seem stressful when you’re looking for something specific; but that’s the key–never go into the store looking for a certain thing. Always stay open-minded, as if you’re going on a treasure hunt. Discovering an antique article of clothing is like finding a pot of gold. “Thrifting is kind of like going to your grandparents’ house and going through their stuff,” said sophomore Jordyn Brown, a broadcast journalism major from Long Island. “It’s like finding those old baseball cards or that pair of jeans that you really wanted but could never find in stores.”

Thrifting vs. Mall Shopping

The tranquility of shopping at thrift stores is very similar to the relaxation you feel while shopping online. Shopping at malls is always harder because you’re faced with a competitive crowd and outrageous prices. Frankly, you’re more likely to leave the mall empty-handed than you are the thrift store. It’s safe to say that leaving the thrift store with bulks of clothes and a healthy bank account is the most ideal way to shop.


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