Hampton cares, indeed

Raven Reaves-Jackson | Contributing Writer

Courtesy of Ya-Marie Sesay

With October being a busy month at Hampton University, students still find the time to spread awareness on health issues.

Campus organizations focused on two important causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence.

The Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., hosted their 3rd Annual Pink Bowl in early October.

The Pink Bowl began with a  march from the Booker T. Washington statue to Bemis Lawn for the tournament.

Each team included seven players and a required registration fee of $35.

The fraternity donated all proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The event took three months of planning, and successfully had nearly 20 teams participate.

“Breast Cancer is something that is so prevalent in our community. It is something that needs to be addressed, fought, and won,” said Michael Adams, a junior psychology major and director of the Pink Bowl.

Women’s Caucus showed their support for breast cancer by hosting their very own week dedicated to the disease.

Events included a bake sale with pink treats, a bedazzle your bra party and more. In partnership with the Student Government Association, both organizations sold pink ribbons in support of breast cancer in the Student Center daily.

Another well-known organization, Campus Curlz, focused on domestic violence.

Transitions Family Violence Services, a shelter dedicated to domestic violence victims, motivated them to raise awareness in the HU community.

Last week the members of Campus Curlz and HU students stood on the steps of Robert C. Ogden Hall in purple attire to raise awareness for domestic violence.

“So many people are affected by domestic violence and it’s one of those things that is swept under the rug,” said Nia Wellman, Campus Curlz founder.

“It should not be like [that], more people should feel [that] they can speak out and the people who commit the crimes need to be punished,” said Wellman.

Members stopped students and asked them to read note cards that contained facts like  “70 percent of women are injured after separation.”

“For anyone that is trapped in a violent relationship we understand that it can be extremely dangerous to just up and leave. However, it’s not safe for you to stay. Make sure you have a solid plan, so that when you leave, [you] leave for good,” Wellman advised.

Mister and Miss Senior, the OphiO ’16 Senior Community Service Committee and the Student Counseling Center Peer Advocates hosted their 3rd annual Domestic Violence Awareness Evening of Arts to end the month.

Participants created their own artwork in hopes to have their pieces donated to survivors.

Various domestic violence victims also shared their powerful testimonies.

Donations were collected for the Transitions Family Violence Services.

Although October can be the busiest month for HU students, they made time to participate in the breast cancer and domestic violence events hosted. Students came together to show that Hampton truly cares.


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