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MEAC battle at HU against NC Central

Harrington Gardiner | Contributing Writer

Hampton - FAMU Football Game

Yankee Johnson (#2) | Courtesy of Glenn Knight

After a three-point loss to Bethune-Cookman in Daytona Beach, Fla., the Pirates face their toughest test of the season this upcoming weekend against North Carolina Central.

Central is coming off an impressive 42-14 homecoming win against Delaware State, and now the Eagles will come to town sitting a game above the Pirates with a 6-2 record. The Pirates, however, are sitting at 5-3 with a 4-1 record in MEAC play and must now put Saturday’s loss to the side to focus on this much-anticipated matchup.

Prior to this past Saturday’s game, Hampton coaches acknowledged the importance of the inter-conference battle against NC Central. However, like any team, they were focused on the task ahead: to handle Bethune-Cookman on the road.

Pirates defensive coordinator Kevin Ketchum stressed the importance of focusing on the task ahead.

“We know Central is very good; they’ve lost one game in this last three years in the league, and that was last week to Norfolk State,” Ketchum said. “Do we have a game plan? No. We have our plan of how to practice, and you don’t change that.”

Ketchum also discussed the Pirates’ 5-2 record and the landscape for the rest of the season in MEAC play.

“So far, 5-2 has been successful, but there’s four left,” he said. “Now, with four left, that can go 9-2, or that can go 5-6. I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe that any of the last four are going to be easy.”

Injuries are another factor that could decimate a football team, and they have impacted some games already. Ketchum addressed that by saying, “You’re deep into the season, so try to get some kids who are hurt back onto the field so that you have a full complement of players to be ready for Saturday.”

The Pirates fell just short on Saturday afternoon against Bethune-Cookman. They had 125 yards rushing along with one rushing touchdown and a 6.8 passing average per attempt. Hampton also had two passing touchdowns, both of which were thrown by quarterback Delmon Williams to wide receiver Ronald Bell. Bell had 119 all-purpose yards, 79 of which were receiving.

This game had been controlled by Bethune-Cookman for the first half, but after halftime, Hampton came back to take a lead late in the third quarter. Even after the Pirates took a 21-17 lead, the Eagles scored late in the fourth quarter with a 7-yard touchdown pass by wide receiver Jawill Davis, making it a 24-21 game.

In heartbreaking fashion, the Pirates were unable to tie the game toward the end, as kicker Adam Brown missed a 29-yard field goal that would have sent the game to overtime.

Hampton did struggle late in Saturday’s game, but with time to regroup, the Pirates should be ready to play arguably their most important game of the season. NC Central, however, has plenty of momentum heading into this Saturday after a dominating performance against Delaware State. With that being said, they’ll be confident in trying to gain MEAC supremacy over Hampton.

The Pirates will look to secure a win to stay on track of what already seems to be a promising year so far.


Marshall Movie Review

Selena Roberts | Staff Writer


Courtesy of Dahyo Coleman

This time of year promises new films that will be sure to generate excitement from audiences everywhere. One film that is sure to get Oscar buzz is none other than Marshall. Marshall is a unique biopic that showcases the esteemed judge’s early beginnings as a young lawyer working for the NAACP. The film displays Thurgood Marshall’s career and life before his victorious win in Brown VS. Board of Education, the case responsible for desegregating schools in 1954, and his role as the first African American Supreme Court Justice.

The film stars Chadwick Boseman as Thurgood Marshall, Sterling K. Brown as Joseph Spell, Josh Gad as Sam Friedman and Kate Hudson as wealthy socialite Eleanor Strubing. The plot centers on Thurgood Marshall’s attempt to clear an innocent black man’s name, Joseph Spell, after he is accused of sexual assault and attempted murder by his white employer Eleanor Strubing. Joseph struggles to prove his innocence, but with Marshall’s guidance, he is given a fighting chance.

The movie shows a different side of Thurgood Marshall that was not often showed to the public. Viewers get to see him as someone who is righteous, but is willing to go above and beyond even if it means breaking the rules in order to get justice for those who deserve it. One poignant line that Boseman’s character stated during the film was, “I only represent innocent people, people accused because of their race…that’s my mission.”

This is not Boseman’s first time playing an influential figure on the big screen. He first starred as Jackie Robinson in 42 in 2013. He then took on the role of James Brown in Get On Up in 2014. Like his previous roles, Boseman’s role in Marshall did not disappoint.

The movie’s plot correlates with society today, as it is released during a time where many are at odds with the Trump administration. Minorities are still facing opposition from the government. Boseman spoke on how timely the film is. He stated, “It’s so unfortunate that it’s so, so relevant at this time period, but at least we have it to shed light and to give people hope, to remind people. There’s the phrase ‘Make America Great Again,’ but how did we make America great? Who did it? It was Thurgood Marshall who did it.”

Steven Tompson, a freshman political science major, said, “As someone who is aspiring to be a lawyer, I think that it is great to have a movie like this. Not only is it inspiring, but I learned more about someone I consider a hero.”

HU bookstore gets a new look

Ya-Marie Sesay | Campus Editor


Courtesy of Ya-Marie Sesay

You asked, it’s here: Hampton’s newly renovated collegiate bookstore.

Students and Alumni entered Hampton University’s Collegiate Bookstore during homecoming week in surprise to the newly renovated look.

“We got nothing but praises! During homecoming week we had some alumni coming in, and even they said it’s great that we’ve gotten an update,” said Michael Scott, a bookstore sales associate and senior international studies major from Delaware.

After months of student input, planning and construction, the HU Administration made another advancement in improving student life on campus.

The remodeled store has more selections for students, such as new apparel choices, increased textbook options, electronics, a variety of snacks, hair products and a new look.

The nearly 20-year-old store is now surrounded with photos of student-athletes, school spirit and students in the library. The wall that divided the clothes and the books has been transformed into a pirate ship showcasing Pirate pride. There is also much more space and vibrant colors.

“It’s a big change, a 180-degree turn,” Scott said. “It’s more open, more decorative. It’s more convenient for us to come from our apartments or dorms and just pick up whatever we need.”

Hampton University’s Auxiliary Enterprises, the office responsible for students’ experience at HU, heard the demands of students for new items in the bookstore and chose to completely rebrand the store to increase student attraction.

“The remodel was an exciting venture; the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we know there is no other bookstore as great as the one on HU’s campus,” Director of Auxiliary Enterprises Taryn Boone said.

In partnership with Follett Higher Education Group, the university wanted all decisions to completely benefit students. Boone told the Hampton Script she would sit with students in the dining hall and casually ask what they would like to see in their bookstore.

“It was a very beautiful collaborative effort, I feel good about it,” Boone said.

Another great aspect introduced at the start of the semester is the price-match option. Students can compare the price of a textbook in store with prices from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. The price difference can be given to the student through a bookstore gift card that can be used to purchase the new fashionable apparel and other textbooks.

Students also can order textbooks in store and receive them within 48 hours without shipping expenses.

Many new electronics such as laptops and printers are now available in the bookstore. Students also have the option to charge their electronic expenses to their HU account.

In celebration of the university’s 150 years and President William R. Harvey’s 40th anniversary, the store included a section dedicated to the milestones. The section includes shirts, watches, hats, cups and Dr. Harvey’s recently published book, Principles of Leadership.

“It is my sincere hope that the students embrace it, enjoy it and brag about it all over social media,” Boone said. “Hampton has a high standard of excellence. The students [should] understand change does take time, but the administration [is] always working to give you a positive experience.”

Justin Timberlake 2018 Super Bowl Performance: Previous Performances he’ll have to top

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer


Photo from the official Pepsi Twitter page 

Justin Timberlake is unquestionably one of the biggest artists of this generation. From hit songs like “Cry Me a River” to more sophisticated singles like “Suit and Tie,” he definitely knows how to be versatile and remain true to himself while doing so. The “Sexy Back” singer is, in fact, back, and will be performing at the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

He took to Twitter to announce the big news after posting a comical video with friend Jimmy Fallon. Along with the video Justin tweeted, “I DO have the time. Half the time…”

Pepsi, a huge sponsor for the Super Bowl, also took to twitter to celebrate with the superstar by writing, “It’s official: @jtimberlake is taking the #PepsiHalftime stage at #SBLII Tune into #SNF tonight for the full scoop & we’ll see you on Feb 4!”

This isn’t JT’s first Halftime Show performance, however. The last time he headlined the show was with Janet Jackson in 2004. The two put on a jaw-dropping performance with an unforgettable wardrobe malfunction…Yikes!

Any who, Justin is back and ready to redeem his name.

Don’t think the redemption will be easy. Timberlake has some competition to top, such as previous Super Bowl Halftime Show veterans Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and Madonna.

Beyoncé hit the stage in 2013. The highlight of Queen Bey’s performance was when she reunited with one of the most popular girl groups, Destiny’s Child. Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined Bey in performing some of their greatest hits. Will JT bring out his famous boy band, NSYNC, for a reunion at the halftime show?

Let’s not forget when Lady GaGa flew from the sky in her halftime performance. Remember when Katy Perry performed and her background dancer dressed in a shark costume became an Internet sensation overnight? What about when the legendary Michael Jackson took the stage back in 1993 for Super Bowl XXVII? With his smooth dance moves and unmatchable talent, Jackson instantly set the standard for future halftime performances to come.

Hopefully, Justin has learned a few pointers from the King of Pop.

The Super Bowl Halftime performance is one of the most highly anticipated shows that takes place every year. The show can make or break an artist. Tune in on February 4th, 2018 to see what Justin Timberlake has in store.



Hampton residents want two schools to remove Confederate names

Zoe Griffin | Staff Writer


Courtesy of Hampton University

Dozens of Hampton citizens gathered together in the auditorium of Benjamin Syms Middle School Thursday evening, October 26, to express their concerns before the Hampton school board.

The purpose of this public hearing was to decide whether the Confederate soldiers’ names on Jefferson Davis Middle school and the campus at Lee, formerly Robert E. Lee, Elementary school should be taken down from school buildings.

The Hampton chapter of the NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference requested that the two middle schools be renamed following the events in Charlottesville.

During the white nationalist rally on August 11, protesters and neo-Nazi’s had altercations which eventually brought issues involving confederate monuments to light.

The public hearing is one of two being held by the school board to get the opinions of citizens on renaming the schools. They are currently named after Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, who were both Confederate leaders in the Civil War.

The public hearing followed the format of an open-panel discussion.

Before each citizen stood up to speak before the panel, they had to state their full names and home addresses. They were given only two minutes each to express their concerns.

The auditorium was completely diverse in both race and age.

A group of Hampton University students made up a majority of supporters for the middle schools’ names being changed.

There were also several teachers, professors, and citizens who had opinions that they wanted to be considered by the Hampton school board.

A similar public hearing occurred last year as well following requests to rename Davis Middle School and Campus after Lee, but the school board decided to leave the names of the school untouched.

The majority of the community wanted to leave the names of the confederate soldiers on the schools last year.

Some citizens still take that stance today.

During this public hearing, those in support of renaming the schools largely outnumbered those who were against the names being removed.Activists and supporters of the name change brought new arguments and perspectives to the hearing this year.

Many came to the hearing specifically in support of Heather Heyer, a woman who was killed during the riots in Charlottesville.

“We have a voice in this day and age. We are a special class of people and we deserve respect. If the name of that school doesn’t change, the name of the people on this school board may change because we’re going to vote,” said Hampton resident Michael Bullock as the audience erupted in applause.

The second hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 8 at Hampton High School.

Ways to protect yourself this winter

Alexus Baldwin | Contributing Writer


Courtesy of Leenika Belfield-Martin

This winter, the flu and cold will be prevalent. December is known to be the most infectious cold month according to Marcella Douglas, registered nurse and CEO of Health Partners Inc.

Knowing ways to protect yourself will limit your chances of getting sick.

“When college students are away from home, they do not have that constant reminder from their mother telling them to wear a coat and to take vitamins. [Therefore,] they typically forget and end up becoming sick,” said Marcellus Williams, graduate student from Hampton. “It is crucial to protect yourself and to get the shot because if you become ill with the influenza, you must leave school. Everyone should also know that the school offers [the shot] to students for free.”

During the winter, most people are less likely to consume vegetables and fresh fruits. This can make their bodies more vulnerable for an infection, which is why multi-daily vitamins are recommended.

Probiotics are important because not only do they help with the digestive system, but they also help our bodies build stronger immune systems.

“Last winter I wish I would have protected myself because I ended up catching the cold more than one time and it really affected my school work,” said Moriah Davis, a journalism major, from Newport News.

“During the time of [my sickness], I had to miss multiple days of class, which [caused me to be] behind in my schoolwork. I could have made simple decisions to prevent me from getting sick, such as staying hydrated, keeping myself warm and sanitizing things in my dorm room that [my roommate and I] mutually share.”

Staying hydrated helps flush out the toxins that are in the body. If you are sick with either the cold or the flu and you are not drinking enough, your mucus thickens and it becomes harder for your body to fight the bacteria and viruses.

Douglas said, “The recommended amount of water per day to keep yourself healthy is eight glasses and some people do not even meet that half way.”

Unjanae Brantley, a nursing major, from Yorktown, Va., said, “In my classes, the professors stress sanitation all the time with us, and although it is repetitive information, it is still very important. [At school,] it is a lot easier to become sick because you are constantly around large amounts of people and [you share] door knobs, handles and water fountains.”

Keeping hand sanitizer on you is also a necessity; this way, when you are touching various knobs and handles, you are still protecting yourself.

“Teens are more [likely] to become sick during the winter, and this can change if they all make better decisions during the season,” Douglas said. “Also, doing their own research will help as well.”

HU student competes for Miss VA USA

Leondra Head | Local & World Editor


Delaria Ridley | Courtesy of Leondra Head

Hampton University’s Delaria Ridley is making a name for herself in the pageant world, most notably competing for Miss Virginia USA as Miss North Hampton USA.

Ridley is a senior strategic communications major from Atlanta and has been competing in pageants since 15 years old.

“My experience while participating in the pageant was absolutely amazing. I gained a great network of women. Pageants truly allow you to meet women from all walks of life. It was great [competing] in another state.”

Ridley’s platform was HOPSCOTCH K!DS, Helping Others Play.

Her purpose was to encourage young men and women to pursue their dreams without limits by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Leading up to the pageant, practice kept Ridley busy to prepare for the big night.

“Oh, boy! Practice was three hours for four days a week. Practice included walking lessons, interview prep and exercising daily.”

Ridley maintained a healthy diet months prior to the pageant to prepare herself. “My diet consisted of high protein and vegetable intake. I limited my carb intake to about 30-45 a day.”

Ridley started competing at a young age in 2010 as a contestant in the National Miss Pageant. In high school, she competed for Miss Georgia Teen USA.

Ridley is from Georgia and is still a resident of the “peach state.” Miss Virginia USA is her 7th pageant and 5th state pageant. Although Ridley did not place, she plans to return home to compete for Miss Georgia USA in the future.

“I plan to return back to the place I call home to compete! Georgia is where my roots are and I would love to compete and hopefully represent the state that has contributed to my development as a woman.”

Throughout Ridley’s experience, she received advice and guidance from Miss Tennessee USA 2015 and Hampton alumna, Kiara Young.

Forty-five contestants competed in the pageant that was held at the Tidewater Community College’s Roper Theater in Downtown Norfolk.

The portions of the competition were evening gown, swimsuit, interview and an on-stage question.

Hampton cares, indeed

Raven Reaves-Jackson | Contributing Writer


Courtesy of Ya-Marie Sesay

With October being a busy month at Hampton University, students still find the time to spread awareness on health issues.

Campus organizations focused on two important causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence.

The Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., hosted their 3rd Annual Pink Bowl in early October.

The Pink Bowl began with a  march from the Booker T. Washington statue to Bemis Lawn for the tournament.

Each team included seven players and a required registration fee of $35.

The fraternity donated all proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The event took three months of planning, and successfully had nearly 20 teams participate.

“Breast Cancer is something that is so prevalent in our community. It is something that needs to be addressed, fought, and won,” said Michael Adams, a junior psychology major and director of the Pink Bowl.

Women’s Caucus showed their support for breast cancer by hosting their very own week dedicated to the disease.

Events included a bake sale with pink treats, a bedazzle your bra party and more. In partnership with the Student Government Association, both organizations sold pink ribbons in support of breast cancer in the Student Center daily.

Another well-known organization, Campus Curlz, focused on domestic violence.

Transitions Family Violence Services, a shelter dedicated to domestic violence victims, motivated them to raise awareness in the HU community.

Last week the members of Campus Curlz and HU students stood on the steps of Robert C. Ogden Hall in purple attire to raise awareness for domestic violence.

“So many people are affected by domestic violence and it’s one of those things that is swept under the rug,” said Nia Wellman, Campus Curlz founder.

“It should not be like [that], more people should feel [that] they can speak out and the people who commit the crimes need to be punished,” said Wellman.

Members stopped students and asked them to read note cards that contained facts like  “70 percent of women are injured after separation.”

“For anyone that is trapped in a violent relationship we understand that it can be extremely dangerous to just up and leave. However, it’s not safe for you to stay. Make sure you have a solid plan, so that when you leave, [you] leave for good,” Wellman advised.

Mister and Miss Senior, the OphiO ’16 Senior Community Service Committee and the Student Counseling Center Peer Advocates hosted their 3rd annual Domestic Violence Awareness Evening of Arts to end the month.

Participants created their own artwork in hopes to have their pieces donated to survivors.

Various domestic violence victims also shared their powerful testimonies.

Donations were collected for the Transitions Family Violence Services.

Although October can be the busiest month for HU students, they made time to participate in the breast cancer and domestic violence events hosted. Students came together to show that Hampton truly cares.

Meet the 2017 November Election Candidates

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor

This year another election will take place on November 7th: The Virginia Election.

The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is similar to the President of the United States. The governor is the head of Virginia’s executive branch and holds the duty “for ensuring that laws are faithfully executed” and also “for the safety of the state, as he serves as commander-in-chief of the Virginia Militia.” The candidates for this office are Ralph S. Northam, Edward W. Gillespie and Clifford D. Hyra.

Ralph S. Northam is the democratic nominee for Governor and is currently Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor. Before entering politics, Northam was both in the military and medical fields.

Northam’s website describes one of his objectives as creating “an economy that works for everyone–no matter who, no matter where.” The site also says that some of Northam’s key issues are gun ownership reform, healthcare for all and environment conservation.

Edward “Ed” W. Gillespie is the Republican representative who is a former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and the RNC.  Gillespie also owns a lobbying firm, Quinn Gillespie & Associates. He founded Crossroads GPS and co-founded Resurgent Republic.

According to Gillespie’s website, Gillespie believes that “With our (Virginia’s) vast natural resources, our fertile lands, our port…Virginia should be in the top five states when it comes to economic growth–not the bottom five.” Improving the Virginian transportation system, issuing income tax cuts and assisting people struggling with addiction and mental health issues are some of Gillespie’s goals.

Cliff Hyra is the Libertarian Party nominee and has worked in patent law. In an interview with Ballotpedia, Hyra said he would help Virginia compete economically by having a “world-class tax and regulatory system that fosters innovation and eschews crony capitalism…” Some of his  goals include liberating the potential of entrepreneurs and small business owners, protecting Virginia’s booming food/drink industry and exempting the first $60,000 of a household’s income from state tax.

The Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is the first officer in line to succeed the Governor of Virginia, similar to the vice president. But unlike the vice president, this position is voted on separately from the Governor, making it possible to have a partisan split (two different parties).  For this position, Justin E. Fairfax and Jill H. Vogel are the candidates.

The democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor is Justin E. Fairfax. Fairfax has an extensive background in law, as he served as the deputy of the Major Crimes & Narcotics Unit and as a member of the Human Trafficking Task force. Fairfax’s objectives include restructuring student loan debt, increasing the minimum wage and fighting the Heroin and Prescription Opioid epidemic.

Jill Vogel is the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor and works as a managing partner at a law firm. According to her website, Vogel seeks to promote growth in the economy, restore trust in government and defend the Constitution.

This is only a brief look at the candidates. Other offices that are being voted on include the Attorney General and Commonwealth Attorney. In order to fully understand a candidate’s character and stance on certain issues, be sure to conduct intensive research and be wary of sources.


Roseanne is making a rosy return

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor


Courtesy of Dahyo Coleman

The 1990s hit sitcom “Roseanne” is back with an even bigger bang. Actress Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene, proposed the idea to the cast members back in March. Hesitant that the stars wouldn’t be up for it, Gilbert held back on her plans. Once actor John Goodman, who played Dan Conner, had an appearance on The Talk and discussed the show, Gilbert knew the sitcom could have a chance at being a hit once again. When she spoke to Goodman, she was reassured that the show would be highly anticipated. Gilbert will be the executive producer of this revival.

“Roseanne” brought the reality of the working class to television. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gilbert said, “That’s a voice that’s not been spoken for enough in this country and we feel hopefully that we can be a uniting force in that way.” She hopes that members of the working class audience will be able to relate to the show and see the family as a reflection of them.

As for what’s to come in the reboot, the cast and producers want to leave the audience in suspense. One question that was answered concerned the role and well-being of Dan. In the original series finale, Dan Conner died of a heart attack, but in the revival he will be alive and well. Goodman is excited to make his return to the screen as this character. These actors are looking at this reboot as a “magical” experience. People who grew up watching the show are anticipating its comeback. Fans have expressed their excitement on social media, some saying that their “TV mom” is back, and others saying it was the best show for them while growing up.

You can expect to see many familiar faces along with some new ones, as the storyline has been altered. Roseanne Barr (Roseanne), John Goodman (Dan), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Lecy Goranson (Becky) and Michael Fishman (DJ) will be back in 2018. Shameless’ Emma Kenney will make her way to the show. We don’t know what to expect besides tons of comedic relief throughout the season. The cast and production team are hopeful that Roseanne will have a successful revival and that the audience will still love it.

The cast has been uploading behind the scenes pictures that can be found on the Roseanne ABC Instagram page and ABC.com.

The eight-episode reboot was announced back in May and the production began in October. Roseanne will return to television screens in 2018 on ABC.