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Best places to buy fall clothing

Brandi Hutchinson | Contributing Writer

Wardrobe change season is finally in full effect.

It’s time to ditch shorts for pants, sandals for boots, fleeces for pea coats, bare necks for scarves and vivid colors for warm autumnal colors.

Remember, at Hampton, it’s important to rock a cool outfit, especially when the weather turns cool. This time of the year, it can be extremely difficult to find fall wear. Shorts are on sale while the sweaters are out of stock or sold at unreasonable prices.

Here are some stores that keep it convenient for the season.




H&M is a unisex store that has a wide variety of contemporary clothing, fitting the sizes of all people. It’s nearly impossible to walk in and not see something that catches your eye. The majority of their scarves come in bundles and are by far the most diversely styled. You get exactly what you paid for when it comes to their coats. The high-quality material is perfect for protection from the brisk air outside. The store delivers fashion and quality at reasonable prices.




Uniqlo is another unisex store that never fails to satisfy customers. The store originated in Japan but over the years has made itself at home in the United States. Uniqlo’s clothing is often recommended the most during the colder months. The store is well-known for its HEATTEACH series. The HEATTECH comes in three styles, each increasing the level of warmth applied. You can wear HEATTECH at home, at work or even on a casual outing.




Thrifting is a technique that people tend to underestimate. You can find some of the most valuable vintage wear in a thrift store for only $4 at the most, versus spending more than $100 on the same piece on a more popular place. Thrift stores are the spot for your oversized sweaters, “mom jeans,” bags and accessories. Most thrift store shoppers leave the store pleased, walking out with clothing with which they can create diverse looks. “I love shopping for fall clothing at bomb thrift stores,” said Zipporah Baldwin, a freshman master’s of business administration major from Alexandria. “You can always find gems and jewels, like Ralph Lauren pullovers and vintage half-zips. The best fall clothing come-up that I had at the thrift store was a vintage DKNY logo cream turtleneck.” Thrifting is a win-win situation, because the stores carry apparel for all seasons.



Nordstrom is the place to go, especially when it comes to name brand apparel. Visit the store’s website when you want to do some online shopping. Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores, so you’ll find Michael Kors, Fenty, Commes des Garçons, Alexander McQueen, Puma, Nike, CHANEL, Burberry and Balenciaga all in one place. The store is also an awesome carrier of shoes. Nordstrom carries almost every shoe style that could interest you. Think of Nordstrom as your backup store when it comes to online shopping. If it’s not online, you can definitely find what you’re looking for in your local Nordstrom store.


Charming Charlie


Accessorizing is a key factor to completing any look. Who ever thought a color-coded store filled with all types of affordable jewelry would exist? Charming Charlie is a color-coded store filled with all your finest accessories — from necklaces, earrings and rings, to glasses, bags and headbands. The theme colors of the store correlate with the seasons, providing a fun and cozy environment in which customers can splurge.



Rising Epidemic of Opioid Addicted Babies

Kennedi Jackson | Staff Writer


The number of opium-addicted babies continues to rise, with the rate of children being born into addiction quadrupling over the past 15 years. Babies with desperate, high-pitched wails and shaking bodies reside in hospitals all over the U.S.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome is the condition of symptoms babies go through when they are exposed to drugs in the womb. When a birthing mother has suffered from abuse of drugs and has a baby, the newborn’s nervous system can trigger symptoms of withdrawal. Up to 94 percent of babies exposed to opioids end up experiencing withdrawal.

Freshman Skylar Buck spends a lot of time around young children, and the thought of this happening across the nation is unsettling to her.

“Children are meant to be cared for and loved. If a parent can’t control themselves then they shouldn’t risk bringing a baby into the world who will only suffer because of them.”

The Center for Disease Control estimates that around six out of 1,000 babies are born with neonatal abstinence syndrome. The increasing amount of children being affected is also damaging to the pocket. Treating one child can cost up to $60,000.

Lawsuits against opioid manufactures, drug dealers, and even pain clinics are one of the steps being taken to try and limit the amount of prescription opioids being placed on the market. Large manufacturers have been charged with fines and paid settlements over the years to avoid scandal with releasing of these drugs, but no one is willing to take responsibility for the ongoing crisis.

According to National Geographic research, there are things being done to more effectively to treat the addiction. Researchers are straying away from the traditional hospital and medication approach and attempting to create a strong bond between mothers and the babies.

Sophomore nursing major Key agrees with researchers and said “Medication may not always be the best remedy, sometimes all a baby needs is proper attention.” According to National Geographic, 86 percent of babies with the syndrome used to rely on medication, whereas now only about 30 percent are. Forming this bond has been proven to combat some of the negative effects that can be controlled, such as behavioral issues. Children with NAS are considered more likely to end up in the foster care system, and although there is not clear research done on the effects of this disease on the brain, there is still the possibilities of cognitive and behavioral problems. “There’s still a lot of work to be done”, says Key, “but hopefully something can be done to help prevent crises like this in the future.”

HU student involved in Planned Parenthood action

Kyra Robinson | Staff Writer


Michyah Thomas

Hampton University’s Planned Parenthood: Generation Action (PPGA) president Michyah Thomas was in New Orleans for a reproductive justice conference when the news broke that President Trump would roll back the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

She was among other women passionate about political change, mingling and enjoying good food when an official of the SisterSong Inc. conference delivered the news. Thomas said immediately, the mood in the room changed.

“Everyone in this room is here for a reason,” the sophomore Political Science major recalled what the official expressed, “You are here because you are going to fight back.”

Thomas got involved with Planned Parenthood in 2016 after falling ill, having to visit one of their facilities.

During that time, she was in so much pain she often could not go to class.

Later, she was invited to the Youth Organizing Summit where she met a national official for Planned Parenthood who sought HBCU representation and saw potential in Thomas to spread the message of the organization.

Now, Thomas works for Planned Parenthood and leads a Generation Action chapter on this campus. With the Virginia gubernatorial election approaching, Thomas is worried on how elected officials will play a role in Trump’s alteration of healthcare policy.

On Oct. 6, national news networks reported that the Trump administration had altered the mandate requiring contraceptives to be covered. This new policy allows employers, nonprofit organizations, schools and universities to decide whether or not they want to cover contraceptives based on religious or moral grounds. The Obama administration projected that more than 55 million women had access to contraception without copayments with this mandate. However, this policy will not affect a majority of women in the United States according to the Health and Human Services Department.

While some universities might face conflict with this policy change, Hampton University’s current student health insurance plan covers contraceptives. Director of the Hampton University health center, Dr. Karen T. Williams considers birth control to be “beneficial medication and recognizes the multiple functions of it including: managing acne, endometriosis, a chronic disorder when tissue grows outside the uterus, and regulating menstrual cycles.”

Thomas became very familiar with the importance of birth control while she was ill. While she does not believe that most institutions will outright deny women contraceptive care, she worries that the decision could set a precedent for people to stop providing a wide-range of services on the basis of religion.

Since being politically involved since the age of 12, she stressed communicating grievances with elected officials. When asked about how to combat legislation that one found displeasing, Thomas said, “It goes beyond electing figures who show concern during their campaign.”

“The most important thing is to make noise after the fact. The conversation does not stop on election day. It’s important to use your voice because everyone has more power than they recognize,” said Thomas.

Jemele Hill: A Closer Look at Free Speech

Jordan Benefiel | Staff Writer

Jemele Hill_ESPN statement

The contentious contrast between censorship and brand preservation is not a new problem. Deciding what power companies have over their employee’s abilities to express their opinions is a thorny topic. On the one hand, the first amendment guarantees us free speech, but on the other, people knowingly sign contracts that detail what they can and cannot say if they are to keep their jobs. The question then must be, if the topic is important enough, should one speak out anyway?

Recently, ESPN host Jemele Hill was suspended for two weeks due to breaching her contracts “social media guidelines.” The story starts a couple weeks ago when Hill took to twitter to call Donald Trump a white supremacist. ESPN did not take action against her that time, but issued her a warning and sent out a memo detailing how ESPN “is about sports” and “is not a political organization.” In the most recent controversy, she ostensibly advocated for boycotting the NFL in response to Jerry Jones stating that players kneeling during the anthem will not play during the game.

In the tweet she said, “If you strongly reject what Jerry Jones said, the key is advertisers. Don’t place the burden squarely on the players.” She followed that with, “Just so we’re clear: I’m not advocating a NFL boycott.” These comments, in addition to her previous comments about Trump, led ESPN to give her a two-week suspension. Shortly afterword, Trump took to twitter to trash Jemele, “With Jemele Hill at the mike, it is no wonder ESPN ratings have tanked, in fact, tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry!”

In response to the question, do you think companies should be able to fire or suspend employees for sharing their opinions even if it may make their brand look bad, Kennedy Peace, a first year journalism major at Hampton University said, “Unless the remark is racist, sexist, anti-semetic, heretical or anything that can be deemed as hate speech or offensive I believe that they should be able to keep their job.” Another first year journalism major, Nylah Powell, said, “I think that suspension is acceptable, because when you step into a professional position your main priority is representing your brand. Completely losing your job for stating an opinion, however, is unfair.”

It seems that one thing that unites Americans is our belief in freedom of speech. Jemele Hill spoke up for what she believed in, but didn’t go far enough. When I look at her twitter comments advocating a boycott, then her saying right after that she did not, I see someone who is afraid of a system that routinely punishes individuals in the workforce for exercising their first amendment rights. In the sage words of Peter Kropkin, “the worker is forced, under the name of free contract, to accept feudal obligations. For, turn where he will, he can find no better conditions.” Jemele Hill, and workers all over America, are forced to accept restrictions to our first amendment rights because, as Kropkin says, they “must accept, or die of hunger.”

Dove commercial creates controversy

Selena Roberts | Staff Writer


Courtesy of Selena Roberts

Dove is known to be an inclusive brand featuring women of different sizes and races in the brand’s advertisements.

Recently, Dove faced controversy due to a commercial featuring an African American model wearing a brown T-shirt who took her shirt off, revealing a white woman wearing a beige shirt. Some people took offense to the ad, saying that it was insensitive and racist. Dove ultimately took the commercial down due to the overwhelming amount of backlash.

This is not the first time Dove has been the center of controversy due to its choice in advertisement. Back in 2011, the brand was under scrutiny after it featured an ad that showed three women in front of an image of different types of skin textures. The white woman was in front of the image displaying soft skin, while the African American woman was standing in front of the picture that showed dry skin. In addition to that, Dove offended some customers again when it included a “normal to dark skin” label on one of its products.

There is a divide between the public’s perceptions of what Dove was trying to convey in its latest ad. Students on campus had mixed views about the promotion. Although the majority of the public seemed to be offended by Dove, others believed the message was taken out of context.

“I did not think that there was anything wrong with the ad,” said Dave Smith, a freshman MBA major from Connecticut. “I thought it was fine.”

Lisa Jenkins, a freshman biology major, said, “I thought that Dove should have known better and, ultimately, they just missed the mark,”

The model featured in the ad, Lola Ogunyemi, made a statement sharing her views on the negative reception the ad received.

“I don’t feel it was racist,” Ogunyemi said. “The screenshots that have taken the media by storm paint a slightly different picture.”

However, the model made it clear that she was not informed by Dove how the commercial would turn out.

“This did not represent the diversity of real beauty which is something Dove is passionate about and is core to our beliefs, and it should not have happened,” the company said in a statement.

The controversy shed light on the ongoing issue that is seen by major companies and their lack of sensitivity.

Earlier this year, Pepsi was under scrutiny because of a commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. Critics claimed that Pepsi was imitating the Black Lives Matter movement and in a way de-escalating the seriousness of the campaign.

Shea Moisture was under fire for its choice of advertisement as well. The brand was accused of having a lack of representation of different hair types. Customers thought the company’s ad was straying from its core values.


Brooklyne Baker crowned Miss Hampton

Ayana Evans | Staff Writer


Courtesy of Leondra Head

At the annual pageant on Oct. 6 in Ogden Hall, Brooklyne Baker, a senior journalism major from Richmond, became the 60th young woman to take home the crown and title of Miss Hampton University.

Baker’s love for HU is what made her want to run for the honor. After an interview round, swimwear round, talent round and contestant performances, Baker had achieved her goal.

“Being Miss Hampton means everything to me,” Baker said. “I prayed for it every day. I fasted for it. I feel like I did everything in my power to give my best.”

Baker’s mom was a first-generation Hamptonian and enjoyed her college years at HU, so she always instilled the importance of Hampton and its history in Baker as she was growing up.

“Hampton is so important to me, and becoming Miss Hampton is such a milestone for me because I shouldn’t even be here financially,” Baker said. “My mom and I have given everything for me to be here, which is why I told her [that] if I’m going to be here, I’m going to touch as many lives as I can.”

Baker believes Hampton cultivated her into the leader and woman she is today.

While Miss Hampton not only represents the school as a whole, she also represents the standard of a Hampton woman. The definition of the term “Hampton woman” depends on each woman’s personality.

“A Hampton woman is a woman of excellence, a woman of grace [and] a God-fearing woman [who has] a presence in every room,” Baker said. She added that it’s “standing out, but still being humble and not making others feel inferior.”

Baker has been involved in The Greer Dawson Student Leadership Program, New Era Modeling troupe, Ebony Fire and many more student activities throughout her years at Hampton.

Baker’s gift of service makes her stand out. She is passionate about female empowerment and self-love. Her platform is The Good Girl Movement, which started a year ago as a blog. Now, it has expanded to campus organizations at Mississippi State University and Shenandoah University.

The organization is involved in community service and bonding events. Baker explained that The Good Girl Movement is about redefining what it means to be “good.”

“I don’t believe in women being limited,” Baker said. “It’s all about being a multi-layered black woman. It is also about highlighting incredible black women because in the black community, we are prone to negativity and need to be shown in a more positive light.”

Despite the confidence she has today, Baker was not as sure of herself as a child.

“Everyone thought I was so confident when I was really so insecure,” Baker said. “I hated myself. I know how it feels to be so low and not love yourself, which is why I push self-love — because once you realize your full potential, you can touch so many other people.”

As girls in high school and in college still deal with low self-confidence and high self-doubt, Baker wants to be able to advise as many young girls as she can.

Our newly crowned Miss Hampton is still blossoming. She has big plans for this school year and is more than ready to set the standard. Her passion, determination and drive will continue allowing her to accomplish anything she sets her heart on. Brooklyne Baker will undoubtedly leave behind a legacy as the 60th Miss Hampton University.

Beckham’s ankle and Giant contract hopes are fractured

Randall Williams | Sports Editor

The Giants and NFL fans have suffered a gigantic loss.

New York Giants superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was declared out for the rest of the season after breaking his left ankle on Oct. 8, according to The Associated Press.

In Week 5, Beckham went down in an awkward position as he was hit by a defender. Immediately after, he laid on the field grimacing in pain. Tears streamed down his face when his helmet was removed. Beckham was then carted off the field.

At that point, the Giants’ season was a complete disaster. Analysts and fans alike both thought that coming into the year, the sky was the limit for New York. Then the Giants started 0-5. To make matters worse, they also lost their three top receivers.

Many fans have given up hope and merely want this football season to fly by so that they can restart in the next one. For Beckham, though, something else is going to loom in the air for a while: his contract. In the off-season, Beckham stated that he would like to be the NFL’s highest-paid player. Currently, the person who holds that title is Matthew Stafford, who recently signed a five-year, $135 million deal.

OBJ is one of the NFL’s most recognizable stars. Whether it be his amazing one-handed catches, his flashy hair or flamboyant celebrations, fans love him. Beckham told that the reason he should be the NFL’s highest-paid player is because he puts his “heart, soul, body, mind, spirit … everything” into this game. No one can question his passion. Beckham has broken almost every three-year receiving record in the league. It’s undeniable that the talent is there, too.

However, Beckham isn’t without his faults.

He came up short in the biggest game of his career during a 38-13 playoff loss to the Packers in January. He had three drops, and one would have been a touchdown.

That’s not all, though. OBJ’s passion can sometimes result in anger. The world has watched him get multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, rage on the sidelines and even slam his head against walls in the locker room after losses.

Beckham is compared the most to Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown. Brown, who is the league’s highest-paid receiver, is making $68 million over four years. Jones rakes in $71 million over five years.

So how much is Beckham worth?

The quarterback is normally the highest-paid position in football, but at least one defensive foe sides with OBJ. And not just any random player – Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, arguably the best defensive player in the NFL.

“The type of impact he has on the globe, the type of viewers he brings in … he’s a once in a lifetime player,” Miller told NFL reporters.

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith disagreed.

“At the wide receiver position, no matter how great you are, there’s a potential to be neutralized,” Smith said on air. “And when that potential exists, you can’t be the highest-paid player in the game.”

Opinions about Beckham vary.

“There are plenty of other players that have a bigger impact than him,” Hampton sophomore Juwan Williams said. “He’s also not the best at the position.”

The Giants likely will discuss a contract extension once the season concludes. With Beckham’s fractured ankle, though, the team could be hesitant to give him the pay increase he wants.

There is a sufficient amount of time before meetings between OBJ and his team begin. With no playoff wins, an iffy ankle and Beckham not playing the quarterback position, the future of his contract remains up in the air.


Hampton volleyball looking to dig deep for playoff push

William Ricks | Contributing Writer


Nelson Cheeseman

The Hampton University volleyball team is looking to return to familiar territory at the end of the regular season.
The Lady Pirates are sitting at the No. 3 seed in the MEAC Northern Division and are looking to make a run in the MEAC Volleyball Tournament. The team has had a recent string of success, but can they keep it going and possibly move up to the one seed in the division?
Hampton has managed to turn its season around after stumbling out of the gates. The Lady Pirates started 2-11 but have turned their season around, winning six of their past eight matches. The team is hitting their stride at the right time, as the season is entering the home stretch.
The Lady Pirates have dominated their conference schedule, beating Coppin State, Delaware State, Morgan State, North Carolina A&T, South Carolina State and Savannah State. Conference wins are very important, simply because these are the teams who you are competing with for a tournament spot the entire season.
Rival Howard is the biggest threat to the team’s chances at moving up in the standings, as they have the same overall record as Hampton (8-13). However, Howard’s conference record is better than Hampton’s at 5-1, which puts them ahead of Hampton in the standings. The teams play again November 5 which gives the Lady Pirates a chance to leapfrog their rival.
The Lady Pirates have been solid on the offensive end with multiple players tallying over 100 kills during the season. Reeana Richardson is the team leader in kills with 199, as she has been able to put points on the board for Hampton. Lena Reed-Petracek has dished out 370 assists all season, ultimately leading the team. Mallory Beard is another player with a ton of assists–220 in total. With the offense coming from more than one player, Hampton has the ability to beat teams in many different ways.
The defense has been strong as well. Maja Petronijevic has been the defensive anchor for the team with 225 digs on the season. Petronijevic’s ability to keep the ball from hitting the floor allows her teammates to get the ball back to the other side quickly. Lena Washington has also played a critical part on defense, sitting in the top five in digs (151) and blocks (38) for the team.
Making a move to the No. 1 seed is a tall task for the Lady Pirates as the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is 18-6 with a conference record of 5-0. Earlier in the season, the Lady Pirates lost to the Hawks. The two teams played again Thursday, but the match took place after this issue’s deadline.
Making the MEAC Tournament would be a huge accomplishment for the Lady Pirates, who have not been in the tourney since winning it in 2014.


How to prevent a “home-going”: Safety tips for Homecoming

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor


Courtesy of Leenika Belfield-Martin

Homecoming season has finally arrived. Now is the time for current Hamptonians and alumni to join and celebrate Hampton’s 150 years of being the standard of excellence.

An estimated 3,000 to 5,000 people will be on Hampton’s campus throughout the week. Therefore, it’s crucial that during this time students still practice cautionary behaviors when attending events on and off campus.

If you plan to go to the homecoming fashion show, the homecoming concert or any other school-sponsored event on campus, make sure to bring your student ID with you.

Officer Stewart of the HUPD recommends that students travel in small groups with loyal friends.

“Go with a group [and] look out for each other,” Stewart said.

Refrain from walking alone at night. Students may feel comfortable having an item they can use to protect themselves. However, certain items, such as tasers, are prohibited on campus. If you would like to have a means of protection, you can get approval from Student Affairs to carry mace.

When you see a conflict begin, intervene before it escalates to an altercation. Don’t encourage your friends to engage with people they dislike. Don’t let a fun event be ruined by a petty argument.

Officer Stewart advises students not to confront someone if they may have a weapon. In case of an active shooter, the FBI recommends that you either run, hide or fight.

“Whatever your first instinct is,” Stewart said. “Go for it.”

HUPD has a number of resources students can use to protect themselves and to report a crime. The first is a direct call to 911 or HUPD dispatch (727-5666). The second source is the LiveSafe app, which can be downloaded on your mobile device. This app can be used to make anonymous tips to HUPD and has a safety map option that shows all campus parking lots, buildings and emergency call boxes. A very useful option the app has is the “SafeWalk” option, which monitors your location as you walk. Two other resources that can be used to report incidents are the TipsSoft app and the Awareity TIPS platform on the Hampton University website.

When you leave campus, your phone, keys, wallet and student ID should always be on you. Never leave any of your personal belongings unattended, even for a split second. Know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and how you’re getting home. Let someone know where you are going and check in when you change locations. Do not drive if you are impaired with any substance, whether that is alcohol, marijuana or even prescription drugs.

When visiting the Hampton Harbor Apartments, make sure you know the apartment leaseholder’s name and their apartment number. If you are stopped at the gate, you can always ask the leaseholder to meet you at the gate and let you in.

Tips offered by The Better Health Channel to avoid potentially violent situations are as follows: “Don’t get into a verbal argument if someone aggressively confronts you. Walk away,” and “Don’t [walk] off with a person you’ve only just met. Stay in a public place. If they interest you, get a phone number.”

If you aren’t comfortable giving out your number to someone, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media sites are other options.

The Better Health Channel also urges young adults to “Trust your own judgment. Don’t let peer pressure sway you into doing anything you don’t want to do.”

Remember that you’ll ultimately have to explain to your parents why you got “Out-by-Five,” not your friends or significant other.

If you prefer to be a party host, be sure to set boundaries for your guests and secure valuable items. Only serve alcohol if guests are at least 21 years old.

“There are laws that speak to hosting parties serving alcoholic beverages or making them available to minors under the age of 21,” Stewart said. “It is a misdemeanor offense.”

It is also important to be aware of your residence’s guest laws, which are usually stated in your lease agreement, to avoid a potential visit from the police. For most apartments, such as the Hampton Harbor Apartments, the maximum number of guests an apartment can have is eight people.

The most important tips to remember are to make responsible decisions and think before you act. This way, your homecoming will surely not be your home-going.


Budgeting like a boss

Nylah Powell | Staff Writer

Most people associate college students with financial struggles.

Between getting laundry done, attending events and paying for school amenities, college students have our own list of “bills.” There are, however, ways to maintain money while being on campus.

Some smart ways to begin are being wise when budgeting, investing and spending.

Plan out your spending before wasting your money.

“Planning out my spending is the No. 1 way I save money,” freshman Jordan Benefield said. “Saying, ‘OK, I’m going to spend X amount on groceries this month, X amount on eating out and X amount on miscellaneous things,’ helps me keep track of my spending.”

Another tip is to take advantage of free or inexpensive offerings around school.

The Hampton shuttle service runs on weekends to different places around campus. Use it instead of ordering a Lyft or Uber. It saves students a tremendous amount of money.

Also, try to attend events or activities that are free. Hampton hosts several free events on campus for students, including sporting events. You don’t have to go to the movies or go shopping and spend a ton of money to enjoy yourself. Support your classmates and fellow Hamptonians by attending their free events.

A lot of times, students earn some form of financial aid to assist in paying for school.

This includes scholarships, grants and different types of student loans. In addition to earning financial aid, students may receive some leftover money, known as a “refund check.” This occurs when fees have been paid and there is financial aid remaining. It can be tempting to spend this money carelessly, but this is not the best option. The refund money can really come in handy with buying textbooks, school supplies or even groceries.

Make it a habit of eating in the cafeteria if you live on campus. Most students get tired of eating the same type of food all year, every year. It’s crucial to remember, however, that you have already paid the expense of your meal plan, so avoiding going the cafeteria is a waste of the money already spent. Of course, walking to Tropical Smoothie or ordering from Pizza Hut sounds much tastier, but these splurges must be kept to a minimum.

Look around for job opportunities to get hired and make some extra money. Work study jobs are offered at Hampton for eligible students as part of financial aid packages. With work study, students are given a job on campus, and they earn paychecks for their work. The money must be used toward tuition and fees, but if expenses are already paid in full, then the money can be used toward anything. If you’re eligible for work study, take advantage of the opportunity.

If work study is not an option for you, the next plan could be getting a part-time job somewhere. The only downfall about working part time is that the money can be used however you wish, whenever you wish. Sure, that may sound convenient, but it’s easy to lose track of your money when you have so much freedom with it. Spend it wisely.

Create a budget for your expenses. Recognize the amount of money you have and prioritize accordingly.

“Whenever it’s possible, keep all change you get back and stash it away somewhere,” freshman Kennedy Peace said. “Eventually, if you save it long enough, you can cash the money and will have a significant amount that you didn’t expect to have.”

There are many ways to save money and have money readily available. It’s all about looking around for opportunities and taking advantage of them. If you find tactics that work for you and stick to them, you won’t have to be just another “broke college student.”