Social Media Star to the Next Hottest Artist: Cardi B’s Rise to Fame

Carlie Beard | Arts & Entertainment Writer

From performing at the 2017 MTV VMA pre-show to topping the Billboard 100 chart, Cardi B is definitely a rising artist to look out for. The social media star turned rapper is everywhere, and is definitely the topic of discussion. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper has worked her way up to the top. She has had several mixtapes and singles that caused a buzz in the music world, more specifically in the hip-hop industry. However, Cardi was not always the hip-hop diva we know of today.

Many people first became familiar with Cardi B through social media. She became famous for her vines that went viral and then gained more popularity from her Instagram videos. With now over 9 million Instagram followers and shy of 1 million followers on Twitter, Cardi B’s following has definitely flourished due to her music career. The 24-year-old was once a member of the cast for Love and Hip Hop: New York (LHHNY). Viewers loved Cardi because of her fun personality and her carefree attitude. She has her own lingo that people and fans use today, including words like “shmood” and “shmoney.” On Love and Hip Hop: New York, Cardi would be constantly filmed in the studio working late on her music. However, many could notice that this was not your typical reality TV star cast member. The Bronx rapper has something special about her that makes her stand out from the others. This is why she is more successful than your typical TV personality.

When Cardi B’s music career started, many did not take her seriously. Some just viewed her as another reality TV star trying to start a nonexistent career. Although Cardi has some haters, as with every celebrity, she has an amazing fan base that has supported her from day one. People feel as if they can relate to Cardi B. She is authentic and outspoken. People admire her because she is not afraid to be herself. Whether you hate or love Cardi B, one thing that is undeniable is that she is hardworking. She has worked for everything she has and it is finally starting to pay off.

With new successes come new changes. Cardi B has had a great style evolution from more young and playful clothing to now more sophisticated looks. In her latest hit “Bodak Yellow” Cardi B said, “Got a bag and fixed my teeth,” meaning she has more money now, so she could fix her teeth that everyone would constantly judge her about. Cardi is also currently dating the rapper Offset from the rap group Migos. Even though Cardi B has attained much success over the past year, she has never forgotten where she comes from. She always talks about how growing up in the Bronx has shaped her into who she is today. Cardi B embraces her fame and still remains true to who she is.



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