Power Leaked Episodes

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor

We almost lost the hit television show, Power. In the middle of season four, there was a leak of a couple of episodes for the series on Facebook. A few weeks later, Curtis Jackson, also known for his stage name, 50 Cent, admitted to being responsible for it. Jackson is an actor and executive producer for the show. At first, Starz executives were upset about the leaked footage, but as the episodes were released on the network, it caused a surge in ratings. The executives were then more accepting of what happened.

It is said that 50 Cent was upset with the Starz network for the lack of recognition the show gets, as it is competing with HBO’s Game of Thrones and it has not been nominated for an Emmy award. The actor blamed Starz because he did not think they promoted the show as much as they should have. Also, the showrunner, Courtney Kemp, said that Starz was unwilling to give them more episodes. This resulted in the loss of details in the storyline. Jackson went to the extreme of threatening to remove Power from Starz. It was rumored to move to BET.

Fans were astounded to find out about the possible move. They were worried about the censorship mainly, for that is what sets the show apart from other shows such as Empire. Power has the ability to do what they want and say what they want, and it would lose that power if it was moved. Fans were even more disappointed to find out that Power may not be coming back at all. Sophomore psychology major, Kayla Packwood, from Somerset, NJ says, “Power is the most interesting show out in my opinion. There is always a new twist and turn that keeps you on your toes.” She continued on to say that she would be devastated if they took Power away.

On Sept. 5, Jackson announced on his Instagram that there was a new deal between him and Chris Albrecht, the head of the network. So, Power will be back with its fifth season. Not only is there going to be more Power, but also Jackson’s new shows, Tomorrow, Today, I Got Away and Black Family Mafia will be airing. According to Vibe Magazine, Tomorrow, Today, I Got Away is a television film about a veteran who is given superpowers in a scientific experiment gone wrong. It will be interesting to see how viewers react to these new works. Power has enhanced 50 Cent’s experience as a producer, so it is expected that he will produce something just as great as Power.

Jackson has taken a step even further by producing a comedy sketch show on BET. It will showcase new music and talent as well. He describes it as “Living Color, but in 2018.” This show will premiere Wednesday Sept. 27 at 10:30 p.m.


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