New Year Brings New and Improved Bookstore

Amber Smith | Campus Writer

Hampton University students returned to the fall semester amazed at the new look of the university bookstore after it was remodeled and revamped this summer.

The bookstore has a plethora of new amenities offered, such as electronics, school supplies, paraphernalia, and books.

One of the major changes made to the bookstore is the new option of being able to buy textbooks in the store and take them off the shelf that same day. Students are also given the option to order them online and then pick them up from the bookstore.

Bookstore sales associate Michael Scott explained, “Students do not have to wait for shipping anymore, and we also match the prices of our competitors, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, up to $100 for the price to rent, and they get that money back on a gift card.”

This new amenity that the bookstore offers eliminates the hassle of waiting weeks for books to be delivered to students while assignments are piling up.

The bookstore also offers new convenience items like hair care products, and chargers that may be a necessity for some students.

Sophomore De’Asia Stepney-Bates felt that the new bookstore lifts a huge burden for on-campus students.

“I don’t drive, so now that the bookstore sells snacks, chargers, and hair care products,” Stepney-Bates said. “I don’t have to worry about trying to travel far off campus for things I need.”

Although the bookstore is considered off-campus, it is still in walking distance from Hampton University’s campus. These new added items offered will help students without transportation or students not wanting to travel far get the quick items they need.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are quite impressed with the new changes the bookstore has made. From the new items offered to the renovating of the store itself, it’s fair to say that students appreciate the new improvements made.

“The bookstore has definitely changed since my freshman year and the new electronics sold are the best part. I already bought a phone charger, and the convenience of getting it quickly was very helpful,” said senior Jerald Rogers.

Many female students also appreciate the new quality hair care products that the bookstore is selling like Cantu brand products, which celebrate natural hair.

“I was surprised to see hair products at all, but especially Cantu because that’s a quality brand that works well on any hair type. I now know where to go if I need some hair products,” said junior Weemon Reed.

With all the new changes made to the bookstore this semester, only time will show what other improvements or renovations may be taking place in the future around campus.



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