Keeping Up with Common Courtesy

Nylah Powell | Lifestyle Writer

I was expected to follow certain rules growing up, including little things such as saying “please” and “thank you.” This is just one of many common courtesies taught to children at young ages. However, some of these basic rules of conduct have been neglected on campus.

The pace of today’s world is extremely busy. There is a constant load of tasks to be done, and not much time to get them done. Still, a busy lifestyle does not excuse simple etiquette. Upon arriving at Hampton, students are made aware of the standards they should hold themselves to.

Hampton University isn’t labeled “illustrious” for nothing. From the scenery, to the students, to the culture, Hampton has a lot to offer. Therefore, it is only right that students treat the campus, staff, and fellow Hamptonians the way they deserve to be treated.

It is not up to one person to take care of the dorm area; it is a communal effort. Proper etiquette in the dorm includes cleaning up after oneself in the bathroom.

Whether it’s removing hair from the shower, or wiping down the counters after using the sinks, it is important to respect the space that is shared with other people. “When you wash your hair in the shower and it doesn’t go down the drain, pick it up. It’s as simple as that,” freshman Ayana Johnson said.

Additionally, speak when spoken to. When somebody across the hall says “good morning,” have the decency to respond. Respect the RA’s and other administration inside the dormitory.

Get to know your roommates and build strong friendships; learn how to cooperate with each other and keep everyone happy.

When it gets late, respect the quiet hour policy. It is rude to play loud music or have conversations at extreme volumes when some people may be studying or sleeping to prepare for the next day. Be cognizant of others’ wants and needs, and everyone will be satisfied.

There are also a variety of standards to follow in class. First and foremost, arrive on time. The time students arrive to class doesn’t benefit or disadvantage the professors, but walking in late is a distraction to the students who are trying to learn.

Students should also refrain from using their cell phones in class. Most people like to check their phones from time to time, which is okay, but it’s disrespectful to completely ignore the material professors are trying to deliver.

Cleaning up after oneself should be practiced on campus grounds too. Dropping trash on the ground and leaving a mess at the cafeteria tables is not appropriate behavior of a Hampton student.

Dress code is another regulation that many fail to follow. As a community, we can be fashionable without disrupting the rules of the dress code. Your outside appearance can portray you in a negative or positive light, so be mindful of what you wear to certain settings.

In a letter addressed to women students, Dean of Residence Life Jewel Long said, “While I understand that many of you choose your attire in an effort to draw attention to yourself, the inappropriate attire that is being displayed is an indication of your failure to respect yourself.”

Do a favor to your professors, fellow students, and other members of the campus by dressing and behaving tastefully. Hampton men and women have proper etiquette; Hampton men and women are courteous. Be the Hampton man or woman that you came here to be.


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