Insecure Becomes a Hit Show in a Short Amount of Time

Selena Roberts | Arts & Entertainment Writer

The hit show Insecure has captured the attention of audiences everywhere in a short amount of time. Issa Rae stars in, produces and writes for the show. Her ability to relate to not just the African American female’s perspective, but women of all races is just one of the reasons why the comedy is so popular today. There has not been a black woman that has both created her show and starred in it since 2003, making Insecure even more monumental. The show first premiered in 2016, and has just finished its second season. The series was granted another season and is preparing to film for season three.


Insecure follows your typical average African American woman, Issa, and her relationships with her best friend, Molly, and ex-boyfriend, Lawrence. She consistently goes through uncomfortable, yet relatable situations. Issa has doubts and insecurities within herself and will try to locate the humor in tricky situations. The show explores different topics that are often overlooked in television including infidelity in relationships, fitting in at the workplace, and the gender pay gap. Incorporating these issues into the storyline is what makes the comedy authentic and genuine. It causes the viewers to think about how they handle their own issues.


One of the reasons why Insecure resonates with not just the African American female, but females of all races, is because it shows that women do not always have to maintain a “perfect” façade. The pressure to always have it together and be seen as successful is one that all women feel at one point in their lives. Issa and Molly prove that it is okay for women not always to appear to be strong or confident in their everyday lives. The series showcases females in a positive light by portraying them to be conscious individuals who are on a journey of self-discovery and wanting to better themselves.


Insecure is important to watch because it does not show the African American female in a negative light. Often when it comes to television, the African American woman is portrayed as the stereotypical black woman—one that acts aggressively, is sassy or has an attitude problem. Another common stereotype for African-American actresses in Hollywood is the domestic role, meaning they are often seen playing maids or nannies. This is seen in films such as “The Help” and “Gone with the Wind.” Neither stereotypes exist on Insecure. Issa works for a non-profit charity and Molly is an attorney at a successful firm, both of which are exceptional and inspirational roles for black women to play and for black audiences to see on television.


Insecure remains one of the most frequently-discussed shows today. The success of Issa Rae’s show did not happen by accident.  Her creative approach to highlight the struggles and conflicts that women face an ongoing basis has catapulted the series to success.


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