6 Hacks to Slay Your Early Classes

Ayana Evans | Campus Writer

1. Flexi Rods
Instead of waking up with a bed head, wake up with voluminous curls just by installing Flexi Rods the night before. It’s easy and quick to do after you have just finished your homework. You simply apply your favorite hair mousse or oil (whatever works with your hair texture), wrap a piece of hair around the rod, and bend the ends to set the curl.

2. Track Bun/ Pony
This hack has been going on for years now. People have been wrapping false braids around their ponytails and clipping on fake buns to their ponytails. Of course, being the teens we are, we’ve revived the trend and added our own twist. If you have leftover bundles, whether you just had too much, or haven’t opened a pack yet, take a row of the track and cut it to the amount you want/need. After this, wrap the track around your top knot or ponytail and tease it to your desired look. This hack takes three to five minutes to do in the morning. After perfecting the look you want, you’ll need to lay your edges down with your desired edge control. Then you’ll be all set to slay your 8 a.m.

3. Oval Foundation Brushes
These are essential for a five-minute makeup beat! Using the medium sized oval brush, you can apply your foundation in just five seconds. When thousands of makeup gurus were raving over this brush after its debut in 2016, it was a must-buy, and the reviews called it “quick and easy.” The smaller sized brushes are great for contouring and highlighting (if you wish to do so in the morning) and the bristles in the brush give a flawless blended finish.

4. Press-on Nails
You will never have to walk around in need of a nail repair or fill-in with this hack. Remember those press-on nails from our middle school “studded belts and snapback” days? Well they’re back and better than they were before. Now, you can buy a plain or clear set of glue on nails from KISS, or any other brand in your local beauty supply store, and design them to make them look like a set done at a shop. Thousands of viral nail designs are around Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and people never knew they were glue-on nails. This is perfect to do the day before your early morning classes, or even a couple of days ahead.


5. Lash-Curlers
After you’re done using your flawless oval foundation brush, you can move to lashes.
Women sometimes think their lashes are short and unnoticeable, when really they just aren’t taking care of them properly. Applying falsies everyday can be time consuming and can make lashes sensitive and thin. Instead, you can use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. With a bit of mascara at the tips of your lashes to extend the length, you’ll look like you have on a full set of falsies.

6. Two-Piece Sets
Two-piece sets really save the day when it comes to a last-minute slay. Buying a set reduces time because the set already comes as an all-in-one outfit. Once you add a few accessories, you’ll have a complete look. Buying sets for your early classes will definitely reduce the stress of trying to find an outfit in the morning.


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