Hampton University to kick off 150th Year Celebration: Events to take note of

Ivana Spurlock | Contributing Writer Hampton University is celebrating 150 years of being the “Standard of Excellence.” This yearlong celebration will feature several memorable events for not only the Hampton University community but Hampton Roads. This year also marks President … Continue reading Hampton University to kick off 150th Year Celebration: Events to take note of

Power Leaked Episodes

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor We almost lost the hit television show, Power. In the middle of season four, there was a leak of a couple of episodes for the series on Facebook. A few weeks later, Curtis Jackson, also known for his stage name, 50 Cent, admitted to being responsible for it. Jackson is an actor and executive producer for the show. At first, Starz executives were upset about the leaked footage, but as the episodes were released on the network, it caused a surge in ratings. The executives were then more accepting of what happened. It … Continue reading Power Leaked Episodes

Emmy Awards Recap

Selena Roberts | Arts & Entertainment Writer The Emmy Awards is a time to showcase the most noteworthy and captivating television programs that have premiered in the last TV season. The awards show aired on Sept. 17. Several television shows have gained the attention of not only the awards show, but also of audiences worldwide because of their engaging storylines, relatable characters, and their ability to captivate the attention of fans. From drama, to sci-fi, to comedy, the following shows have made significant impacts on pop culture. Every fall brings new TV shows that will get people talking, whether they … Continue reading Emmy Awards Recap

The Results Are in

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor The results are in. Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund, has been crowned Miss America 2018. Mund was able to win the $50,000 in scholarship money by outscoring the other top four competitors: Miss Missouri, Miss New Jersey, Miss District of Columbia, and Miss Texas. The competition consisted of the following categories: Preliminaries, Evening Gown, Swimsuit and Interviews. Mund is the first in her state to ever receive this title. She is a 23-year old graduate from Brown University, and is the first Ivy League winner in the last 64 years. The pageant was … Continue reading The Results Are in

New Year Brings New and Improved Bookstore

Amber Smith | Campus Writer Hampton University students returned to the fall semester amazed at the new look of the university bookstore after it was remodeled and revamped this summer. The bookstore has a plethora of new amenities offered, such as electronics, school supplies, paraphernalia, and books. One of the major changes made to the bookstore is the new option of being able to buy textbooks in the store and take them off the shelf that same day. Students are also given the option to order them online and then pick them up from the bookstore. Bookstore sales associate Michael … Continue reading New Year Brings New and Improved Bookstore