Have NFL celebrations gone stale?

Donald Huskey | Staff Writer

Over the 2000’s era of the NFL, we have seen some jaw-dropping celebrations. Whether it has been Randy Moss mooning the crowd with his uniform on in Green Bay or Terrell Owens degrading the Cowboys logo as a 49er, the celebrations have been entertaining for sure. But have they gone too far?

The players are still as adamant as ever to show their moves after a touchdown dance, no matter how large the fine is. The NFL has realized this and continue to enforce methods to tone down the wild touchdown celebrations. NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent made a statement on Twitter on March 21, confirming even more cautionary measures. “We’re developing an educational training video for players to show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations,” Vincent stated.

During the 2016-2017 season, the NFL levied hefty fines to players in an effort to crackdown on inappropriate celebrations. According to Newsweek’s Ryan Bort, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was fined $9,115 for twerking and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was fined the same amount for hip thrusting after a sack. The fines continued to pile up with the most expensive fine being handed to Brown. Brown was fined $24, 309 for more sexual gyrations after a touchdown.

With players not following the previous penalties for inappropriate celebrations, it seems this is the last warning before severe penalties will be enforced. Even with this being the case, players still seem rebellious to the NFL’s policies. Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett did not seem too fond of the idea and responded on March 22 to Vincent’s tweet asking, “Let the players express their individuality and creativity. Y’all gonna make an educational video on how we should talk next?”

Bennett is not the only player that has been open with their disapproval of the NFL’s policies. Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman joined ESPN First Take on March 24 to speak his opinion on the NFL’s extensive amount of rules. “We just need them to get out of the way. The game is already too difficult to officiate, the rulebook is thicker than a phonebook, you need them to get out of the way.”

Celebrations are apart of the players ways to interact and entertain the NFL fan base in a unique fashion. Eliminating celebrations altogether will do more harm than good and ultimately cause a rift between the players and the NFL. If the NFL doesn’t want their league dubbed the ‘No Fun League’, they must trust their players to some extent so that it is fun for every participating party, and not just the “higher-ups”.


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