Friday Classes? What are those?


Alexandra Carmon | Opinions Editor

You have finally reached the end of the week. Everyone is looking for the next party move and getting their weekend plans together. Everyone is asking you if you’re going to 12-2.

However, you say no. You know why? Because you just happen to have class from 12-1:50. Which means, your 12-2 days for this semester are over. There is, however, one solution. Hampton could not offer classes on Friday. Friday classes could sometimes serve as an inconvenience especially if there are things you have coming up on the weekend to do.

“[With no class on Fridays] I could easily go to work or work on extra homework,” says Chelsea Harrison, a junior, journalism major from Chesapeake, Virginia. Having that extra day can be greatly beneficial to a student’s grades.

When I was a freshman, I was lucky enough to have a schedule where I did not have any classes on Friday. That extra day gave me a chance to catch up on reading, homework, study for upcoming test, and still have enough time to get ready for 12-2.

However, now I have class until 11:50, which only gives me ten minutes to put on makeup, change my clothes, walk from my class to my room, then walk from my room to the student center.

I feel like I am being rushed on Fridays because I have all these things to do on Friday, when in actuality Friday should be a day where people can relax and blow off the amount of steam they’ve gathered throughout the week.

“The average Hamptonian is involved in multiple organizations,” says Kennedy Maldonado, a sophomore, accounting major from San Diego, California. “If we have Fridays off, it gives us more time for community service or just plain relaxation.”

Friday could be a day where you and your friends could go to the movies or even do something educational such as visit a museum. College is supposed to be fun and relaxed. Not stressing you out seven days a week.

Also, if we didn’t have classes on Fridays, it could give people a chance to travel for job interviews, sports, and other beneficial things without them having to worry about missing classes on Friday.

Lastly, if you need to do something on Thursday to take your mind off school for a while, you won’t have to worry about how late you are staying out because you could sleep in since the next day would be Friday.


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