Three must-see shows on Netflix right now


Nyaa Ferary | Features Editor

The semester is gearing up but there is still a lot of free time to do nothing before it gets intense. In addition, to the Hampton weather bringing a lot of rainy, gloomy days, there’s just a vibe that makes you want to stay inside and catch up on your favorite shows. Whether you choose to stay by yourself or with others, put on those comfy sweatpants, order some pizza and Netflix and chill. Here are three shows perfect to watch on those lazy days spent inside.

1. Black Mirror. This British science fiction series is themed around the harsh reality that technology and social media run people’s lives. Every episode has it’s own storyline that has a satirical way of portraying the same lesson.

Majority of the stories seem extreme and unrealistic at first. However, by the end of the episode it’s clear to see how some of these situations can actually happen in the future. Just an example, the first episode involves a sex scene between the prime minister and a pig and another takes “having receipts” to another level. The thought provoking series is now in its third season and bound to have you obsessed.

2. The Series of Unfortunate Events. For those of us who were bookworms as a kid, might remember this 13 book series written by Lemony Snicket. It was about the three Baudelaire children who became orphans after their parents died in a fire. Many might remember the movie that came out back in 2004 with Jim Carrey and how heartbroken they were that only the first three books were covered and never followed up on.

Netflix put us out of our misery with their original series picking up where the movie left off. Many people who have seen the series’ debut season say they were disappointed with the character portrayals of Count Olaf and that it was too comical. On the other hand, it does give a detailed account of all the unfortunate events within the book that would often get opted out in a movie. See if it lives up to the hype and check it out.

3. Chewing Gum. This is another British Netflix original. It is a raunchy comedy, much different than the other two picks. The show is about 24 year-old Tracy who grows up in a religious household and is now dealing with the stresses of trying to lose her virginity. Each episode Tracy discovers something new within the world of sex and ends up in extremely awkward situations as she attempts to get it on. The show has one season on Netflix, which would be great for a quick binge watch.

A lot of the time it is hard to find something to watch on Netflix especially when you’re looking for something particular. Netflix originals are starting to gain a good reputation for the variety of content its producing so here are just a few of the good ones to get you started.


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